About Knitting

Best Journals for Knitters

Knitting journal, knitting planner, knitting notebook, or logbook no matter what you call it it’s a useful tool for knitters! There is a lot to keep track of when knitting. If you don’t take notes to remember how you did decrease, which needles you used, and such things you may end up forgetting. There are

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12 Best Knitting Hacks

Learn the 12 best knitting hacks! I love good life hacks and useful tips and I hope you do too because in this post I share my 12 best knitting hacks with you! It’s a cocktail of hands on knitting tips that can help you take your knitting project to the next level, tips about

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5 Tips for Giving Handmade Gifts

Handmade gifts are a wonderful way to show love and care. There is scientific proof of this! When you make someone a gift that tells you have thought carefully about them. You made the effort to think about something they will enjoy and used your precious time to knit/crochet/craft/cook/whatever your thing is this gift for

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Knitting Tips for Beginners

My Best Knitting Tips for Beginners Too many mistakes can put you off. Therefore I have listed all the knitting tips for beginners I wish that I had known when I was first starting out. When I started knitting I made all kinds of mistakes. I still do after ten years – and that’s ok!

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