Sew Labels on Knits and crochet

Sew labels on your knits or crochet garments makes them more unique looking, and it’s easy to do!

There are quite a few different types of labels and tags to choose from. They all have their perks and can add style to an item.

Leather or faux leather looks cool and modern, wood is a bit more rustic, and fabric labels are classical. Fabric labels can be used both for decor and on the inside for informational purposes.

Read more about the different types of labels, how to add them to your knits or crochet (it’s easy!), and where you can get them

How to sew leather labels onto knit or crochet items

There are two types of leather labels. The kind that folds over the edge, and the flat ones that are used somewhere on the right side of a garment.

It looks nice to use leftover yarn from the garment for sewing on the label. If the yarn is too thick, separate the plies and use one or two for sewing.

You’ll also need a needle with a big enough eye for the yarn to go through and a pair of scissors.

Attaching a leather label

Lay your garment out flat and place the label on top to see where it looks best to put it.
On a sweater or cardigan, it looks nice to put the label on a sleeve a little bit above the cuff, or on the side of the front piece, just over the hem. Other alternatives are to put it below the neckline at the back, or on a pocket. It’s all a matter of taste and the look of your sweater.
When you have decided where you want to sew on the label, it’s time to thread your needle and get started. Sew through the premade holes on both sides, knot the yarn, weave in the ends, and cut the excess yarn.

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This package of 6 faux leather sew-in labels in a cool design can be found at KnitPicks.

Genuine leather tags in fun colors add a little extra to your knit and crochet garments! These from Amazon Handmade are fully customizable, choose an image or text and the color of your liking.

Add a rustic feel to your handmade items with these genuine leather labels from KnitPicks.

Attaching folded leather labels

Figure out where you want your label, you may want to try out a couple of placements. When you’re sure it’s time to get sewing!

First, fold the label with your logo/text on the outside, and place it over the edge of the garment where you like to attach it.

Make sure the pre-punched holes in the label are lined up and start sewing through the holes. When you’re done make a knot to stop the thread from going back and weave in the ends.

Examples of folded labels

Decorative folded labels with the text “handmade”. These labels are made in 100% vegan faux leather.

Add a cool touch to your next project with these personalized fold-over tags made of faux leather! Choose color (the gold option is stunning!), text, or image as well as shape and size. These are found on Amazon Handmade.

These are also personalized fold-over labels but in genuine leather. Choose between different colors, fonts, sizes, and more and shop from Amazon Handmade.

Fabric labels for knit and crochet garments

Fabric labels come in many designs and styles and are an easy way to make your projects more personalized.

You can order personalized fabric labels with your name or business name on them for adding when giving gifts or selling handmade items.

Sewing fabric labels to knits and crochet

Most fabric labels are sewn to the knit or crochet fabric, either by hand or with a sewing machine. You need a sewing needle and some thread matching the label, or the garment you’re attaching it to, and scissors.

At first, decide where you want our label to be, the easiest way is to lay the item out on a table and move the label around until you’re pleased.

Pin it in place if you feel you need to, this is optional, you can hold it in place. Sew around the edges to secure the label to the garment and fasten off.

Cute fabric labels

These embroidered fabric labels from Annie’s can be customized. Make them unique by adding your name, favorite colors, size, text, and logo of your choosing.

Fully customizable embroidered labels ordered from Amazon. Choose colors, size, text, and logo as you wish. These labels are like the ones you find on store-bought t-shirts.

With these tags from KnitPicks, you can put your signature on your projects. Just write your name with a marker or embroider it onto the label before sewing it onto the garment.

Attaching wooden tags to knit and crochet accessories

Wooden tags add a nice rustic feel!

Attaching wooden tags or labels is pretty much like sewing leather tags onto a knitting or crochet project. Use a strand of your yarn, or one or two plies if the yarn is a heavyweight, and sew the tag onto your project, make a knot and weave in the ends.

If you add a large or thin and long wooden tag to a stretchy fabric the tag can not stretch with the fabric. Therefore you have to stretch the fabric a bit while sewing the tag in place.

Beautiful wooden tags!

I found a lot of cool wooden tags on Amazon Handmade. These square ones can be personalized with your image, logo, or text, as well as different colors.

These cute wooden buttons, also found on Amazon Handmade, are engraved with the text “Handmade” and little hearts. Add them as decoration or use them as buttons on a cardigan!

These wooden tags with the wording “Knitted” are found on Amazon Handmade. Which is your favorite color?

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