Knitting Stitch Patterns

13 Knitting Rib Stitch Variations

Rib stitches are commonly used in knitting to add stretch and to stop rolling edges, but also because they are aesthetically pleasing. The variation of ribbing knit stitch patterns is vast. The standard ribbings use alternating knit columns and purl stitches, creating vertical textured stripes. The width of the stripes can vary from one stitch […]

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Chinese Waves Knitting Stitch

Chinese waves is a super easy stitch pattern to knit. It’s also fun and has a nice wavy texture to it. If you have mastered knitting back and forth (garter stitch) and feel it’s time to try something new this is a good next step! Chinese waves is a variation on garter stitch and all

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Latvian Braid Bind Off

How to: Bind off with a Latvian braid Latvian braid bind off is the last post about these pretty braids, at least until I get a new idea on the subject 🙂 This pretty bind off creates a braid on the right side and from above it looks like a chain of stitches. If you’re

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Latvian Braid

How to add a decorative two color braid to knitted items In Sweden, we have a saying that translates “A loved child has many names”. I think that saying suits the Latvian braid well, as it’s also referred to as Estonian braid, Vikkel braid, and lateral braid. No matter what you call it, this braid

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Heart Ribbing in the round

Learn how to knit the lovely heart rib in the round! I showed you how to knit the heart ribbing flat a while ago. That post (and the video in particular!) became quite popular, so I figured it would be a good idea to show how to knit the heart ribbing stitch in the round

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