Easy lace knitting stitch patterns

Try knitting some lace with these super easy patterns!

Do you enjoy trying new knitting stitch patterns? Then maybe some of these easy lace knitting stitch patterns is something for you!

I love lace patterns, but I also like my knitting projects to be simple enough to do while watching Netflix or chatting with my kids! All patterns on this page has few rows and stitches per repeat which makes them easy to memorise and knit “on autopilot” while engaging in something else at the same time.

You can incorporate this type of stitch patterns in many types of projects ranging from wearables like shawls, tops, and sweaters to home decor like blankets, pillows, towels, and dishcloths.

Be sure to pin this page or bookmark it so that you can come back to try some of the patterns and see if I have added anything new!

yarn over garter lace knitting stitch pattern
Garter ridge eyelets knitting stitch
Staggered eyelets knitting pattern

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