Drop Stitch Garter Lace Stitch Pattern

Learn this easy and fast-growing lace knitting pattern!

This stitch is called drop stitch garter because of the dropped stitches used.

Dropped stitches is usually considered a bad thing in knitting, but in this easy lace pattern stitches are dropped intentionally to create the open fabric.

The drop stitch garter lace stitch is both easy and fast-growing, that’s such a satisfying combination!

It’s called drop stitch GARTER because it’s four rows of just knit stitches aka garter stitch between the rows of dropped stitches. The garter stitches makes this stitch super easy to knit.

And using double yarn overs makes it grow incredible fast!

Drop stitch garter stitch

Drop stitch garter is perfect for breezy summer knits

The openings in the fabric make this stitch perfect for summer tops and breezy sweaters! A scarf done in this stitch is both beautiful and very breathable which makes it perfect for spring and summer.

Is this stitch reversible

Yes, this stitch looks the same on both sides.

Does this stitch curl at the edges

No, the garter stitch used for this stitch pattern makes your projects lay flat. Garter stitch is only knit stitches on both sides which evens out the tension in the fabric and makes it flat.

The supplies needed

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To knit the drop stitch garter you will need:

Knitting abbreviations

K – Knit stitch
YO – Yarn over

double yarn over garter stitch

Drop stitch garter pattern

Cast on in any number of stitches

Row 1–4: *K*, repeat *–* across the row

Row 5: K2 *2YO, K1*, repeat *–* across the row, K1

Row 6: K2 *Drop 2YO, K1* repeat *–* across the row

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Drop stitch garter