Knit and Purl Stitch Patterns

Add some texture to your knitting projects!

Knit and purl stitch patterns are easy enough for beginners to master. They add a lovely texture to the knitting, are fun to make, and look way more complicated than they are.

Adding a bit of texture to a project can really make it pop!

When I try out a new stitch pattern I knit a swatch the size of a dishcloth with bamboo, linen, or cotton yarn. This way I get to try the stitch pattern while I finish a project at the same time 🙂

Knit and purl stitch patterns

Seed stitch knitting pattern
Triangle stitch knitting pattern
Box stitch knitting pattern
Garter stitch knitting pattern
Pearl stitch knitting pattern
No purl rib
Diagonal stripes ribbing knitting pattern
checker board knitting stitch pattern
Andalusian knitting stitch

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