Knitting Basics

5 Ways to Knit a Buttonhole

My best tip for knit buttonholes is simple but good: Make sure your buttons and buttonholes match before finishing a whole garment. When sewing the rule of thumb is that the buttonhole should be slightly larger than the button, so the button can easily slide through. In knitting, however, the buttonhole needs to be slightly

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Latvian Braid Bind Off

How to: Bind off with a Latvian braid Latvian braid bind off is the last post about these pretty braids, at least until I get a new idea on the subject 🙂 This pretty bind off creates a braid on the right side and from above it looks like a chain of stitches. If you’re

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Long Tail Cast On Flat

Knitting Tutorial: Long Tail Cast On I have made posts about the long tail cast on earlier, but then the focus was on knitting in the round. Today we’re focusing on the cast on itself! In Sweden, where I live, it’s common to start with the long tail cast on when learning to knit and

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Two Color Cast On

Add a contrasting edge with a two color cast on Casting on with this two color cast on adds a narrow edge in a contrasting color. Knitting a contrasting edge on a solid colored sweater makes it a little more interesting to look at without the need to add a lot of colorwork patterns. Or,

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