Stitch markers are a knitter’s best friend!

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Knitting stitch markers are great tools! The markers help keep track of what to do and when to do it in our knitting projects. And they also add some extra fun and sparkle!

As I’m a sucker for pretty things the knitting stitch markers you will find in this post aren’t your usual plastic ring marker.

Let’s dive in and find your favorite!

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Jane Austen book stitch markers

Tiny Jane Austen books to help you keep on track on your next knitting or crochet adventure

If you like reading in general and Jane Austen in particular, these tiny little books are made for you!

Three vintage-style miniature books with small safety pins that works fine for both knitting and crochet assembled on one bigger safety pin.

Honey bees and honeycomb

Think of all that the little bees are doing for us, without them there wouldn’t be much life left on our planet!

This set of five beautiful bees and a honeycomb fits knitting needles up to size US 8 / 5mm. Delivered in a little tin.

I love the stitch markers made by Pretty Warm Designs, you will find a few more further down!

Beach-themed stitch marker bracelet

A stitch marker bracelet is a cute gift that will surely be used a lot!

The markers rests securely on your wrist looking cute when not needed and are easy to pop off when it’s time to put them to work.

This set includes:

  • an adjustable bracelet in stainless steel fitting wrists up to 8 ” / 20 cm
  • 9 beach-themed stitch markers with clasps which are suitable for both knitting and crochet

Meow – How cute are these!

Cute cat set of 12 stitch markers from KnitPro found on

In this set from KnitPro, you get twelve of these pale pink cats, that’s a lot of cuteness in one go!

This kind of wire or string marker fits most knitting needle sizes.

Sparkly angels to guard your knitting

Guardina angels stitch marker set.

This set of sparkling crystal angels are beautiful, and who knows they may be little guardian angels as well…!

Let these gems lite up your knitting and help you out with all that counting while you stitch away watching your favorite show on Knitflix, sorry I mean Netflix!

The set includes 8 angel stitch markers in four colors. The rings are closed and smooth and you can choose between three different sizes.

Galaxy stitch markers and progress trackers

These galaxy stitch markers are so pretty! They are perfect as gifts, or when you feel the need to pamper yourself a bit! (it’s OK, we all do from time to time!)

To add the sun, the moon, and the planets to your stitch marker collection, use the button below!

This set includes:

  • 5 stitch markers with rings that fit needles up to size US10 / 6mm
  • 4 markers with clasps that fit needles up to size US 6 / 4mm. These are also great as progress trackers or crochet stitch markers.

Yellow butterfly stitch markers

An image of a set of knitting stitch markers looking like butterflies.

These beautiful and snag-free butterflies will help you out without getting caught in your yarn.

The set can be customized:

  • Markers can be ordered in 3 different ring sizes or with lobster clasps for removable markers
  • These pups can be ordered in a set of 6 or 12 markers

2 in 1 Stitch Markers for Knitting

Stitch markers with two rings in different sizes will fit for all you knitting projects

This is brilliant! These blue beaded stitch markers are usable on both ends. Each marker features rings in 2 different sizes. One set of stitch markers will work for all projects up to needle size US10 / 6mm!

The set includes six markers. The smaller ring fits knitting needles up to US6 / 4mm mm and the larger US10 / 6mm.

Boston terrier stitch markers

Boston Terrier stitch markers

These Boston Terriers are as cute as they get! If you are a dog lover or know a knitter that is, this set of Boston terrier stitch markers are a must-buy!

The set of markers has six different but all adorable pups on them and can be customized:

  • Markers can be ordered in 3 different ring sizes or with lobster clasps for removable markers
  • These pups can be ordered in a set of 6 or 12 markers

Enjoy the flowers of summer while knitting

Polymer clay bead stitch markers from Pretty Warm Designs sold on

These polymer clay bead stitch markers from Pretty Warm Designs have a gorgeous summery flower pattern in multiple colors.

You get a set of six stitch markers fitting needles up to US11 / 8 mm, and a Pretty tin for storage!

Wooly sheep knitting stitch markers

Sheep stitch markers from Walnut Farm found on

These cute sheep stitch markers from Walnut Farm Designs are so darn cute! They look so cuddly, even thou they’re made of steel.

These cuties can be customized with different ring sizes or clasps to fit your favorite knitting needles or use for crochet.

Stitch markers with knitting abbreviations

Abbreviation stitch markers found on Amazon

Sheep with knitting abbreviations on their bellies? I love it!

I think this is the best idea ever!

Add a YO marker when to do a yarn over, a P for purling and so on. This is taking the usability of knitting stitch markers to the next level!

Reading tip:
––> Have trouble learning all those abbreviations? Keep calm and grab my Knitting Abbreviations Cheat Sheet. I mean, who could possibly know them all?!

Let these beautiful little birds guide you in your next project

Beautiful bird stitch markers found on Amazon

These bird stitch markers from Walnut Farm Design are beautiful, I really like them!

One set includes five of these beauties, the ring fit sizes up to US10,5 / 6,5 mm.

Pretty owls held together by a pretty brooch pin

Stitch marker set of owls found on

I like the warm metal color of these owls.

Another nice feature is that one of them differs from the other. I like to have a different marker at the beginning of the row when knitting in the round. That way I won’t get confused!

This set includes five owls with 10 mm rings, hanging on a brooch pin.

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––> Open or closed stitch markers? This post guides you through the different kins of markers available and when to use them

A cup of tea anyone?

Teapot and teacup stitch marker set from

How cute is this?! A teapot and a cup to go with it, made of porcelain.

This miniature set of two has 10 mm, round lever back clasps and can be used both for crochet and knitting.

Meow! stitch markers for cat-lovers

Super cute cat stitch markers for knitting found on

Let these three kitties help you keep count of patterns and stitches!

The cat charms are hung on 12mm rings and fit knitting needles up to US13 or 9mm. Cute, right?!

And for those who loves both cats AND tea

Adorable stitch markers found on Amazon. Kittens in teacups!

These is just too adorable! I found the teacup and pot and the cats above, and I love them. But then I saw these… Kittens in teacups! This simply is the best of two worlds.

The set includes three open stitch markers with lobster clasps that works for knitting and crochet both. (Best of two worlds again!)

Rings with lampwork glass beads

Stitch markers with light blue glass beads, found on Amazon

This clean set include ten closed stitch markers. The beads are placed over the splice to ensure that they’re not going to snag your yarn.

The rings are 12mm and fit knitting needles up to US15 / 10mm.

Stitch markers for your Christmas knits!

Knitting stitch markers with a Christmas theme, these are a must for the holiday season!

A sucker for Christmas? THen these knitting stitch markers are a must!

Add to the spirit of Christmas joy with Santa and Rudolph hanging from your needles!

These are perfect as a hostess gift or stocking stuffer too, so add a bunch to your basket while you’re at it.

Fits needles up to size US8 / 5mm

Red hearts on a ring for storage

Knitting stitch markers shaped as hearts from THBdesigns at Amazon.

These red hearts are adorable! The perfect gift for a knitter you hold dear.

The set includes five heart-shaped markers and one clear bead on a ring.

These markers are made by THBdesigns. She makes the most beautiful beaded stitch markers, row counters and more.

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