Latvian Braid Worked In the Round

How to add a Latvian braid when knitting in the round

Well, I admit that I’m a tiny bit obsessed with Latvian braids for the moment… And yes, here is yet another blog post about the beautiful braid!

If you’re popping in on a regular basis (thank you!) I guess you already have seen the tutorials on Latvian braid cast on and Latvian braid worked flat.

This week we’re going to bring out the circulars or the dpns if that’s your thing! Knitting a Latvian braid in the round is a bit different from knitting it flat. But it’s not harder, just different!

First there’s a video followed by written instructions and a pattern!

How to knit Latvian braid in the round

Video tutorial: Latvian braid worked in the round

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Written instructions

Start with casting on an even number of stitches.

The first round is a set up round. Knit the first stitch with your main color (MC) and then alternate knitting one stitch with contrast color (CC) and one stitch with main color for the rest of the row.

The second round is worked with purl stitches and both yarns in front of the work. All stitches are purled with the same color as the previous row and the colors are twisted after every stitch.

Purl the first stitch in MC. To purl the next stitch in CC take the CC yarn strand and bring it under the MC strand. Then purl the stitch. Continue like this, alternate colors and always bring the new strand under the old one.

The third row is worked almost like the second. The only difference is that you twist the yarn in the opposite direction. The new strand is brought over instead of under the old strand.


Cast on an even number of stitches

MC = Main Color, CC = Contrast Color

Round 1: *K1 with MC, K1 with CC, repeat *–* to the end of the round.
Round 2: With both yarns in front of your work: *P1 with MC, bring CC under MC, P1 with CC, bring MC under CC, repeat *–* to the end of the round.
Round 3: With both yarns in front of your work,:*P1 with MC, bring CC over MC, P1 with MC, bring CC over MC, repeat *–* to the end of the round.

Changing the direction of Latvian braid

Changing the direction of the Latvian braid: This makes a right leaning braid. If you wish your braid to lean to the left you need to twist the yarn over in Round 2 and under in Round 3.

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