Best gifts for crocheters – Find the best crochet gift

Looking for a gift for a crocheting friend or something to treat yourself with? Well, you have come to the right place!

I have gathered my best gift ideas for crocheters in a list, for your convenience and because I think it’s so fun to search for the coolest, best, prettiest, and most useful items available. Please enjoy! =)

Best gifts for crocheters find the best crochet gifts

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Annie’s Creative Studio: The gift that keeps giving all year!

Annie’s Creative Studio is an amazing online resource for all types of creatives. Let’s bring all the crafting fun you can imagine right into your favorite crocheter’s home through their mobile, tablet, or laptop!

As a member, you get access to loads of tutorials, tips, video courses, and patterns made by good teachers and gifted designers.

The membership also includes 9 craft shows and new inspiring episodes are added every week.

You can learn so much from this! Crochet, knitting, quilting, home decoration, and general crafts… as a member myself, I can ensure you that this is the gift that keeps giving!

A membership with Annie’s Creative Studio is $7,99 per month. Sign up now and get the first 15 days for free!

The membership gives access to:

  • 9 craft programs, 5–7 new episodes are added every week!
  • Over 1450 video classes made by experts in their fields
  • Over 1300 downloadable patterns
  • You get instructions from top teachers and designers
  • In-depth courses in crochet, knitting, quilting, and general crafts, as well as home decor, project reviews, and tips and tricks!

Sign up now and get the first 15 days for free!

Classes on techniques makes great gifts for crocheters!

Taking a class is always fun and inspiring!

Another alternative on the same theme is to buy a class to learn a new technique. As a crocheter myself I love to learn new techniques and get inspiration for new projects, and taking a class is a great way to do that!

This class on corner to corner crochet is popular and has got raving reviews!

Crochet hook sets – because all crocheter deserves the best tools

A set of crochet hooks is a beautiful gift to give to someone that likes to crochet. I’ve included a few sets with various features in this post as every crocheter has hers/his own taste of materials and color!

Why is a set of crochet hooks better than buying a hook now and then?

  • You have all sizes at hand when inspiration strikes
  • You save money. A set is expensive, but it gets even more expensive buying the same amount of hooks one by one. Not to mention all the duplicates you buy because you didn’t know what you already have.
  • You stay organized. All hooks are stored in the same case so you know where they are at all times. That means no more hook-hunting around the house before starting a project! It’s also easy to bring the case with you in your project bag.
  • It’s a luxurious feel to bring out a beautiful set of hooks and get to work!
  • Good for you hands. Crocheting put a strain on the hands. Using good hooks that are easy and comfortable to hold prevents pain.

LED-light crochet hooks – the future is here!

Aiyana is the third (and updated) generation of lighted interchangeable crochet hooks from Yarn Mania. This set has some really cool features including:

  • Lighted with two settings
  • Strong and focused LED-lights
  • Rechargeable, no need to buy batteries
  • Fast recharge
  • Ergonomic handles with silicon cover
  • The hooks are interchangeable. You only need one handle and heads in different sizes, combine to the hook you need.
  • Aluminum heads, that are more durable than plastic ones.
  • The set includes the most important notions like a yarn snippet, tape measure, wool needles, stitch markers, and more!
  • A beautiful and practical case for storage.

Included in this set is:

  • 1x ergonomic Aiyana curved crochet handle with light
  • 1x straight crochet handle with no light
  • 14x interchangeable aluminum hooks in sizes: 2.0 mm, 2.5mm, 3.0mm, 3.5mm, 4.0mm, 4.5mm, 5.0mm, 5.5mm, 6.0mm, 6.5mm, 7.0mm, 8.0mm, 9.0mm, 10.0mm
  • 2x interchangeable plastic hooks, 12.0 and 14.0 mm
  • 1x scissors
  • 9x wool needles
  • 9x crochet markers
  • 1x measuring tape
  • 1x premium leather case

Buy the set of Aiyana crochet hooks here!

A set of beautiful wooden crochet hooks are a perfect gift for a crocheter

Laurel Hill set of wooden crochet hooks

This set of Laurel Hill Trai crochet hooks contains a variety of wooden hooks in Ebony, Nam Oc, and Trai woods sourced from Vietnam.
Wooden hooks feel warmer, are smooth to the touch, and less slippery than metal hooks. Which you prefer is just a matter of taste! These hooks come in a cute case that you roll up and tie with a ribbon.

11 sizes included:

Amour easy-to-grip hook set

Clover’s set of Amour crochet hooks is a rainbow of fun colors – but it’s also practical.
The plastic handles are wider than many other needles and easy-to-grip which means more comfortable crochet and less strain on your hands.
These needles have aluminum hooks that let the stitches slide easily. The head of the hook is designed for controlled and easy stitching.
This set unfortunately does not come with a storage case.

10 sizes included:
Amour crochet hooks comes in all the color of the rainbow. A great gift for crocheters!

A picture of a colorful set of crochet hooks from Addi

Addi Colors crochet hook set with travel case

The Colors crochet hook set from Addi comes in a range of colors where each size has it’s own for easy reference.
These hooks come with a travel case, for storage and crocheting on the go.
Addi also has a Lifetime Guworstedtee covering manufacturer’s defects, so you can buy with complete confidence.

9 sizes included

A picture of a beautiful set of marbled crochet hooks from WeCrochet

Marbled crochet hooks from WeCrochet

These stunning crochet hooks in the colorway majestic are sold in a set of eight. They are made of strong layers of laminated birch in deep blue, green, and purple tones.
These hooks are smooth but not slippery, meaning they are easy to work with.
The hooks are delivered in a snapped clear vinyl hook case.

8 sizes included
E-4 (3.5mm)H-8 (5.0mm)
F-5 (3.75mm)I-9 (5.5mm)
G-6 (4.0mm)J-10 (6.0mm)
7 (4.5mm)K-10.5 (6.5 mm)

Let them show off their creativity – wearable gifts for crocheters

For the crocheting traveler: A piece of jewelry that also cuts yarn?!

The Clover Yarn Cutter Pendant contains a rotary cutter that can slice through the thickest of yarn while keeping your fingers safe.
A convenient cutter and necklace pendant all in one! This one is also allowed on airplanes, unlike scissors, and the perfect gift for a traveling crocheter!
The pendant is made from embossed metal, available in antique silver or gold.

A yarn cutter pendant is included in this list of the best gifts for crocheters

An image of a statement enamel pin "I make therefore I am"

“I make therefore I am” – statement enamel pin

This pin captures the essence of being a creative person!
Let your favorite creative person show their personality with this cute statement pin!
This is the perfect crafty accessory that can be worn on clothes, a project bag, or the everyday tote bag.
The pin measures 25mm x 22mm and features a gunmetal finish that is sure to stand out. Each pin has a rubber backing which makes it is less likely to scratch, catch or tear.

Lady Jayne glam bag – perfect for small notions

The Lady Jayne Glam Bag is a zippered pouch with a cute print of illustrated dogs.
It’s perfect for keeping all the small bits and bobs in one place.
Buy this and fill it up with some cute/funny/beautiful stitch markers (you find some below) and you have a personalized and thoughtful gift for your favourit crocheter!

This cute pouch for notions is a perfect gift idea for your crocheting mom

Crochet books: Best gifts for daydreaming and inspiration

A picture showing the cover and a few designs from the book Crochet Noro

Crochet Noro a book full of designs in beautiful Noro yarn!

Pattern books are great for inspiration, and Crochet Noro is no exception!
Noro, are the creators of inventive and unique yarns, and they have also made this beautiful book with 30 crochet patterns that will have any crocheter drooling.
This book is a must-have filled with a generous array of accessory patterns, tunics, and a mini-skirt!
Crochet Noro is 144 pages and includes 30 patterns.

best gifts for crocheters Book: 500 crochet stitches

500 Crochet Stitches – the ultimate crochet stitch bible

500 crochet stitches – the ultimate crochet stitch bible This jam-packed crochet stitch book offers a wide array of crochet stitches, including a few new ones, some reinvented ones, and the classics.
With a guide to the best tools and equipment, detailed instructions on how to crochet, and information on understanding crochet abbreviations, this is the only crochet stitch reference needed.
500 crochet stitches – the ultimate crochet stitch bible is perfect for beginners and experienced crocheters both!

Kits, beginner boxes, and courses

a pic of the crochet yarn kit for the dishcloth smitten

Learn to Crochet: The Dishcloth – Smitten

This crochet kit includes everything needed to crochet the dishcloth Smitten in three different colors! The kit is the perfect gift for a beginner crocheter, or maybe a friend that’s interested in crochet but hasn’t gotten around to start yet.

The kit includes a photo-illustrated booklet intended to teach basic crochet without any prior experience. This booklet guides the new crocheter through everything from how to make a slip knot, how to make the stitches, and finally how to weave in the ends. A perfect gift for anyone just starting out!

This kit includes:

Pretty (&) useful crochet gifts

Succulent Stitch Markers!

Have a crocheting friend who loves houseplants? Well, combining two interests in a gift can’t go wrong…
Stitch markers like these are pretty little helpers that keep count of stitches, the beginning of the row, and more in projects. As a yarn crafter, you can never have too many of these little beauties!
The succulent stitch markers are delivered with locking clips.
Psst! These are perfect gifts for knitters too!

gifts for crocheters succulent stitch markers

The Colorscope: The coolest crochet tool ever!

This tool is fantastic! The Colorscope is like a crystal ball for crocheting and knitting people, it helps you visualize how your colors will work together before making a single stitch.

Lay your colors next to each other on a table, then look at them through the Colorscope. It will show your colors in a repeating sequence. This way you can easily decide which colors you want to have more of and in which order they should appear.

Annie’s has a video on their site demonstrating how the Colorscope works, follow this link to see it!

Best gift for crochet the colorscope a tool for picking colors

Handmade Mermaid crochet stitch markers

These crochet stitch markers are so darn pretty I bet they would make any crocheter smile!

The set includes six handmade stitch markers with iridescent enameled pendants in beautiful colors and silver-plated clasps delivered in a tin can.

The mermaid markers can be opened which makes them great for crocheting, but they work well for knitters too!

The neck LED-light: No more watching tv with the lights on!

An image of a led-light that can be worn around the neck, perfect for knitters and crocheters

Crocheting in the dark is no fun and no good. It strains on the eyes and stitches can be uneven. We can’t let that happen to your favorite crocheter, right?

But it’s neither fun to watch tv with the lights in your eyes, I get it and I have a solution!

This led-light can be hung around the neck, lighting up the work in progress while leaving the rest of the room dark.

It’s lightweight, has two light sources, and can be adjusted.

(Psst! This product is available in white and pink, white and blue, and black as well!)

Unicorn scissors for the crocheting friend/wife/mother/daugher/sister who has everything ?

Some people seem to have literary everything, and then some. These guys are super hard to buy gifts for. But, I bet your favorite crochet friend doesn’t have a pair of unicorn scissors?!

These scissors are:

  • Made from high-quality stainless steel
  • 5.25 inches (133mm) long. The blade is roughly 1.75 inches (44mm)
  • Works for left-handed and right-handed people alike.
  • Pointed blades make it easy to undo seams and make other delicate cuts
  • Good for cutting most yarns and fabrics

Psst! These scissors are available in purple, ombre, rose gold, and silver as well. They’re amazing you have to see them!

Rainbow unicorns scissors, I think this is the cutest pair of scissors I have ever seen. A must have for any knitter with her head up in the clouds!

Personalized clothing tags in faux leather

Personalised gift tags make great and appreciated gifts for knitters!
These personalised gift tags make great and appreciated gifts for knitter!

Tags with the crocheter’s name or initials give a little something extra to a crochet gift!

Nifty tags like these look really cool on the brim of a beanie, the hem of a sweater, or the edge cuff of a sock. They also make the crafter behind the item more visible!


  • You can choose the text the recipients name, or something like “handmade with love”, for example.
  • You can add any engraving like a logo or small illustration
  • You can choose the color of your choice
  • Different shapes and sizes are available
  • Made of faux leather

I would be very happy to receive these for Christmas, the golden one is so pretty!

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