5 Tips for Giving Handmade Gifts

Handmade gifts are a wonderful way to show love and care. There is scientific proof of this!

When you make someone a gift that tells you have thought carefully about them. You made the effort to think about something they will enjoy and used your precious time to knit/crochet/craft/cook/whatever your thing is this gift for them. It’s so much fun to plan and start your gift-projects knowing your effort will be appreciated.

5 tips for making your handmade gifts (even more) enjoyable!
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Always give care instructions with handmade gifts

Knit and crochet garments and blankets make beautiful gifts. But be aware that non-yarnies may not know how to care for these treasures.

The solution? Always include care instructions when gifting knit and crochet items. It’s not fun for either you or the recipient when that lace shawl you spent numerous hours on has gone through the washing machine and came out felted…

I have made these cute tags that you can print, cut out, and add to the package when giving knit or crochet gifts.

They look best if you use cardstock, but regular printer paper will do too!

Punch a hole at the top and add a string or some yarn to tie it to the gift. Or you could use some cute washi tape and put on the wrapping paper.

Click this link to open the pdf-file in a new tab and print (or download) the file, you’ll get seven tags from one A4-sheet.

A picture of a care lable tag to add to handmade gifts.

Include leftover yarn

If you have a small ball of spare yarn, gift it along with your handmade gift in case it needs mending in the future. This is so helpful and can extend the life of the item.

Make handmade baby-gifts in washable fibers

Babies and toddlers are like small and cute laundry makers. And parents of these little laundry producers don’t have eons of time for handwashing. Keep this in mind when creating handmade gifts for the youngest of your loved ones.

Organic cotton and linen yarns are itch-free and durable fibers that can go through the washing machine and sometimes even the dryer without damage. And, they just get softer and more comfy with every wash!

If you want something warmer superwash merino is soft, warm and washable in the machine.

Don’t forget to include the care instructions!

Reading tip:
––> Learn about how to choose eco-friendly yarn, I strongly fell that this is of big importance when knitting for young children as they are sensitive to chemicals.

Set aside some time for washing

Wash the item, and if needed block it, before you gift it. Not only will it feel nice and clean, but it will also help the stitching to reach its full potential.

Some wool yarns need to be washed to really become their truly soft and fluffy selves. Some stitch patterns need to be blocked to open up and look nice. And garments can need a little blocking to achieve the right measurements.

If you have used a hand-dyed yarn washing can also help to get rid of any residual dyes that can otherwise rub off onto clothes or furniture.

A cute gift-wrap enhances the experience!

Be sure to wrap your gift in a nice paper or box and add some embellishments like tags, pretty wrapping string and other decorations to make a stunning wrapping.

Everyone likes to receive a beautifully wrapped gift, especially if there’s a handmade item inside.

I have some cute printables on the blog that could help you with the gift wrapping. Take a look att the links below!

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