Knitting Project Bags Buyers Guide

Knitting Project Bags – the best ones found on Amazon! A buyers guide for knitters project bags and totes.
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The Best Knitting Project Bags found on Amazon!

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Most knitters will agree to the necessity of a good knitting project bags! These bags should be able to hold your WIP (work in progress) and, of course, all your knitting notions so that everything is ready and tidy when it’s time to knit.

If you’re a multiple projects type of knitter, it’s a good idea to have several bags to hold your knittings. To keep each project in its own bag is key to keep everything organized.

Knitters are crafty people and many knitters make their own knitting project bags. There are some great tutorials to find online for that. But, if you just want to spend your valuable time knitting rather than making bags, I suggest that you consider buying one, or more if you need.

I love browsing Amazon for yarn, knitting gadgets, and crafting supplies. These knitting project bags are the ones that caught my eye on my latest browsing spree… hope you like them as much as I do!

The Best Project Bags for Knitters! | Don't BeSuch a Square | The best knitting project bags found on Amazon listed! #KnittingProjectBag #ProjectBag #Knitting #KnittingAccessories

This flowery dream comes in two sizes!

This knitting tote bag is available in two sizes. The smaller bag measures 14.5″ across and the height is 16.5″. This size would be perfect for carrying a smaller project around the house or to hold your knitting in the car.

The larger one, 16″ across and 20″ from top to bottom, would be more suitable for a sweater project

I really like that this bag has two grommets, one on each side, for your yarn to go through, like a built-in yarn bowl!

The bag also has side pockets with zippers to hold your notions.

And the print… it’s beautiful!

This bag has plenty of room for everything!

This one is my absolute favorite in the range of knitting project bags found on Amazon!

I’m a sucker for stripes, but besides that, I really like the features of this bag.

  • Wear it over your shoulder and have your hands free for knitting
  • Lightweight
  • Three grommets allow you to knit with several yarns at the same time, knot-free.
  • The bag is made of durable canvas
  • Pockets on the inside are key to keep everything tidy and organized. There are enough pockets to keep all your notions and your phone!
  • A PVC layer on the inside divides the bag into two compartments
  • Also available in red and white

It’s pretty, versatile, and has room for everything, even your phone! And, the price is quite nice too.

Click over to Amazon to see more photos of the bag. The way this bag is divided into two compartments is really clever. You can check it out here!

Handprinted drawstring bag to help you stay organized

This beautiful little drawstring bag is just what you need for your smaller projects. The bag is actually small enough to be put into a larger project bag, to separate projects or yarn. It could also fit inside a larger purse. Perfect for car rides and knitting on the go!

The bag is 11″ high, 9″ wide and 4″ deep. The bottom is 4″ deep and 9″ wide. And the cute print on the front is handmade!

The wriststrap, made in soft cotton webbing, makes it easy to knit on the go. Three grommets in the inside pocket make it easy to hold your yarn untangled.

On the inside, you’ll find pockets for your notions and phone.

A colorful set of three knitting project bags in one!

This set of three bags in one is also quite affordable.

There is a large bag that can hold several skeins of yarn, your project, and notions, and if you want to, the smaller bags too.

The large bag has four openings for yarn in the lid. It has a clear pocket for small notions inside the lid and pockets for needles, hooks, scissors, and other tools outside.

The two smaller bags have grommets in the lid which makes them perfect for holding your yarn.

The smallest one is suitable for one skein of yarn, while the medium one can hold a large skein of yarn or knitting accessories.

Learn a second language, take up knitting

This funny knitting project bag with the text ”Learn a second language, take up knitting” is made of a recycled polyester and nylon blend fabric. It closes with a zipper.

I usually think that zippers around my yarn are a big no-no. (What if the yarn was snagged in the zipper, the horror!) But, the bag is so funny that I had to show it to you anyways. And, maybe it’s just me who has a fear of zippers and yarn getting to close to each other?

It’s an inexpensive tote bag, and I can totally see myself using this as a cute everyday bag to carry with me when taking my kids to school and running errands! Click here to see the price over at Amazon!

This bag measures 16″ tall by 17″ wide and the gusset is 4.75″ when the bag is open.

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Knitting Project Bags – the best ones found on Amazon! A buyers guide for knitters project bags and totes.
#Knitting #ProjectBag #BuyersGuide #ShoppingGuide #GiftGuide

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