Knitting project bags for all tastes

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Most knitters will agree to the necessity of a good knitting project bag! These bags should be able to hold your WIP (work in progress) and, of course, all your knitting notions so that everything is ready and tidy when it’s time to knit.

There are so many cute, practical, funny, large, and small project bags available on the market that all fulfills different needs.

On one side there are simple tote bags with funny prints on them that can hold your project, on the sofa, or when you’re on the go.

On the other hand, you can also go for a big bag with a lot of space for multiple projects, all your notions, and holes to pull yarn through for knitting with several colors at the time.

In between these two extremes there’s also bags with a few pockets and features.

So, let’s figure out what you want your knitting project bag to do for you, and which of these bags that will best fulfill your needs!

Have your Kitchener stitch instructions with you at all times!

Kitchener stitch, can anyone remember how to make it from time to time?

I use it a lot, but I have to check the instructions every single time I’m going to use it…

But, with this knitting bag, that problem is solved! Well, you won’t get a better memory, but that doesn’t matter as you will have your instructions with you at all times!

This drawstring bag has both text and illustrations printed on the front to help you out. You find the set up at the top and then the four steps below. Genius!

The Kitchener stitch bag is on the smaller side, perfect for holding your small projects like socks, hats, mittens, dishcloths, and such!

Material: 100% cotton
Size: 10″ x 12″ (254mm x 305mm)

KnitPicks have this short video where you can get a better sense of the size, function, and material in their drawstring bags!

A knitting bag full of functions

This bag definitely got it all! If you’re looking for a knitting project bag that has a lot of function this is your bag. This bag is ideal for travels and keeping your pets away from your yarn.

The features of this bag includes:

  • Sturdy and durable canvas
  • Zipper to keep your projects safe from dust and pets
  • Pockets for storing patterns, books, or scissors on the front of the bag
  • Additional pockets for knitting needles and crochet hooks
  • Separate zip case for all your small notions
  • Holes at the top to carry your yarn through so you can have the yarn in the bag while knitting
  • Enough space for carrying both your ongoing project and extra yarn balls.
  • An inner divider makes sure your yarn doesn’t tangle
  • Lightweight and easy to carry either in the handle or the detachable shoulder strap.

Size: 10.6″ in diameter and 11.8″ high (270mm in diameter and 30 cm high)

Learn a second language, take up knitting

This funny knitting project bag with the text “Learn a second language, take up knitting” is made of a recycled polyester and nylon blend fabric. It closes with a zipper.

I usually think that zippers around my yarn are a big no-no. (What if the yarn was snagged in the zipper, the horror!) But, the bag is so funny that I had to show it to you anyways. And, maybe it’s just me who has a fear of zippers and yarn getting to close to each other?

It’s an inexpensive tote bag, and I can totally see myself using this as a cute everyday bag to carry with me when taking my kids to school and running errands!

This bag measures 16″ tall by 17″ wide and the gusset is 4.75″ when the bag is open.

Knit your own knitting project bag!

This bag is so beautiful! I love the pinks and yellows together but if you don’t, choose your favorites. Yes, you read me right, choose any colors you want because this beauty isn’t ready to buy – it’s a knitting pattern!

The bag is knit in Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran, a soft blend of cashmere, merino wool, and acrylic. Cashmerino Aran is available in 31 colors, so I’m sure you find something to match your taste!

Knit your own knitting project bag with the Fair Isle bag knitting pattern designed by Sian Brown. Get the pattern and more instructions at LoveCrafts!

Why not try a knitting basket?

This market basket from Annies Craft Store is perfect for carrying your yarn! So, I decided to call it a knitting basket 🙂

It’s sturdy, easy to carry, and made of nylon fabric with a houndstooth print on it. You can also use it as a market or picnic bag. That’s neat!

A cute little bag to hold all your bits and pieces

A project bag for knitting, crochet, embroidery, sewing or whatever you want with cute little illustrations of crafts!

This bag is designed as a vanity bag and it’s perfect for housing a smaller project. A smaller bag like this is also good for keeping your notions or extra yarn balls, and it can easily be put into a larger style of knitting project bag or tote.

This project bag is 11″ / 28 cm long, 7″ / 18 cm high and 3.5″ / 9 centimeter broad at the bottom.

Florals, kittens, and a lot of pockets

A medium-sized knitting project bag with a cute print of cats and flowers.

Loads of pockets around the outside and a zippered pocket on the inside make sure you have a place for all your knitting gadgets as well as your phone and wallet. The bag closes with a zipper.

The bag is made of a durable matt PVC coated fabric that’s easy to clean and it’s lined with a light grey fabric with white polka dots.

Size: 5″/12.5cm deep x 15.4″/39cm wide x 11″/28cm high

Show off you pretty yarn and projects with a clear project bag

This clear vinyl bag from KnitPicks lets you see what’s inside, take the chance to showcase yarn, knitting projects, and cute little notions bags!

Perfect both as a project bag and for storing your precious yarn collection.

The vinyl bag closes with a zipper and has handles long enough to be worn on the shoulder.

Available in three sizes, the one I show here is the large one.

Size: Large 20.75″ long x 11.25″ high x 8.25″ wide (527mm long, 268mm high, and 210mm wide)

Small bags to separate small projects

This a set of three gingham mesh bags in different colors and sizes is perfect for keeping smaller projects untangled in your knitting bag.

These mesh bags would be perfect to put inside a larger knitting project bags like the floral and kittens patterned one, or the houndstooth basket!

When you buy these you will get three mesh bags in the sizes:

  • Small: 2 1/2″ bottom x 8″ high x 10 1/2″ wide (64mm bottom x 203mm high x 267mm wide)
  • Medium: 3 1/4″ bottom x 10 1/2″ high x 13″ wide (83mm bottom x 267mm high x 330mm wide)
  • Large: 4″ bottom x 13″ high x 15 1/2″ wide (100mm bottom x 330mm high x 394mm wide)

Beautiful project bags in brocade

HiyaHiya is known for their beautiful brocade needle cases and project bags. These small bucket-style project bags can be carried on the wrist as you knit.

Colour and fabric design may vary as you can see in the second picture.

Size: 7”/18cm x 8.5”/21,5cm x 4”/10cm.

This flowery dream comes in two sizes!

This knitting tote bag is available in two sizes. The smaller bag measures 14.5″ across and the height is 16.5″. This size would be perfect for carrying a smaller project around the house or to hold your knitting in the car.

The larger one, 16″ across and 20″ from top to bottom, would be more suitable for a sweater project.

I could totally see my self knitting in public with this bag hanging over my arm holding my yarn!

This bag has two grommets, one on each side, for your yarn to go through, like a built-in yarn bowl!

The bag also has side pockets with zippers to hold your notions.

And the print… it’s beautiful!

Rainbows are knit by unicorns!

Meet Sparkles, the knitting unicorn! Of course, a knitting unicorn would knit a rainbow. This knitting project bag has to be the cutest one I ever have seen… it’s just adorable!

This print is also available as a knitting journal, you find that one and some other pretty journals in this post!

This drawstring bag is on the smaller side, perfect for holding your small projects like socks, hats, mittens, or a small rainbow!

Material: 100% cotton
Size: 10″ x 12″ (254mm x 305mm)

KnitPicks have this short video where you can get a better sense of the size, function, and material in their drawstring bags!

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