How to soften the Cable on Circular Needles?

Knitting with stiff cables aren’t any fun, and with twisted ones… well, don’t get me started at that!

There are a few hacks you can use to soften the cable on your circular knitting needles.

The one thing all these methods have in common is heat. The key is to let the heat soften the cable and then straighten it if needed. Remember to be careful so you don’t burn your hands, it’s time to bring out the oven gloves!

Let’s go through the tips and see what can be a good fit to solve your problem.

Tip 1. Let hot water soften the cable

Hold your cable under the tap in while running hot water. Cover the joints where the needle tips connect to the cable. Otherwise, water can get in there harming your needles, or start melting the glue.

Tip 2. Give the hot water another go…

If you’re not satisfied with the results achieved by your warm water tap, try this instead.

Boil a pot of water, take it off the stove and then soak your cable in the warm water. (Be careful with the joints so you don’t get any bad surprises later on!)

Leave the cables in there for five minutes and check to see if they have been softened. If not, try tip number 3…

Tip 3. Try steaming to straighten your cable

You can try to hold the cable in the steam above a pot of boiling water for five minutes, or more if needed.

Watch out, it’s easy to get burned by the steam. And if this isn’t doing the trick, I have one more ace up my sleeve. Keep on reading!

Tip 4. Warm up the cable with your hairdryer

The hairdryer isn’t just for blowing your hair. I have heard people also use it to dry “other kinds of hair” blowing up under the towel after a bath. I sure hope that hasn’t happened to my hairdryer…In which case, you can also use it to heat up the cable of your circular knitting needles. And that’s a much better use for it!

Straighten out your needles on a flat surface, like a table or countertop. Place something on the tips to keep everything in place. Heat the cable with your hairdryer. Use as much heat as possible, and move the hairdryer along the cable to distribute the warmth even.

Have you done everything to soften the cable of your circular needle?

Well, you have tried it all. Could the heat solve your problems?

Maybe it worked and you were able to soften the cable enough to pull it straight and uncoil it? Or, maybe you burnt your hands and ended up with a coiled, stiff cable AND pain?

Anyhow, once the cable has cooled off it stiffens again. But it can surely be less twined and curled. And even thou it’s doable to knit with a stiff cable I wish every knitter something much better than that.

I wish that we can all get nice and soft cables all the time! Cables that are smooth and behaves as we want them to. The kind of cables that won’t pull our stitches or create those ugly “ladders” when we want to knit with magic loop.

There is a solution to this problem

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