Gifts for Knitters

The best gifts for you favorite knitters!

I love shopping for gifts! It’s so much fun trying to find just the right thing for family and friends. But let’s be honest here, sometimes it can be a bit overwhelming too… we don’t always have the time or inspiration.

In this gift guide, you can find the best gift available for knitters. I update with new items regularly as I get new ideas or stumble upon cute things, so be sure to bookmark or pin this post so you can come back and benefit from it over and over again!

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Gifts for knitters up to $10
Enamel pins are a fun little gift, both to get and to give

Enamel pins: affordable, fun & and cute!

KnitPicks has a lot of funny, cute, and statement pins for yarnies, there are more on their site so be sure to check them out!

These pins can be worn on clothing or on a project bag. Actually one or two of these and a canvas tote would make a great gift together! (you will find nice totes further down in this post)

Pins are fun little gifts, perfect as stocking stuffers too.

Unicorn scissors for the knitter who has everything ?

Rainbow unicorns scissors, I think this is the cutest pair of scissors I have ever seen. A must have for any knitter with her head up in the clouds!

Some people seem to have literary everything, and then some. These guys are super hard to buy gifts for. But, I bet your favorite knitting friend doesn’t have a pair of unicorn scissors?!

These scissors are:

  • Made from high-quality stainless steel
  • 5.25 inches (133mm) long. The blade is roughly 1.75 inches (44mm)
  • Works for left-handed and right-handed people alike.
  • Pointed blades make it easy to undo seams and make other delicate cuts
  • Good for cutting most yarns and fabrics

Psst! These scissors are available in purple, ombre, rose gold, and silver as well. You have to see them!

A super useful gift for knitters!

Knitting in the dark is no fun and no good. It strains on the eyes and stitches can get lost. We can’t let that happen to your favorite knitter, right?

But it’s neither fun to watch tv with the lights in your eyes, I get it and I have a solution!

This led-light can be hung around the neck, lightning up the knitting while leaving the rest of the room dark.

It’s lightweight, has two light sources, and can be adjusted.

(Psst! This product is available in blue and black as well!)

A pouch for storing knitting notions

Pouch to hold knitting notions, cute and practical gift for the holidays, mothers day or a birthday

All knitters have lots of small notions like scissors, wool needles, and stitch markers.

That means they also need something to store all those little bits and pieces in, like a cute pouch with cats playing with yarn, for example.

The “purrfect” gifts for a knitting cat lady

cats in teacups - cute stitch markers make great gifts!

Stitch markers are a knitter’s best friend!

The markers help to keep track of all sorts of things in knitting like increases and decreases, for example.

This set of three adorable little kittens sitting in teacups would look great, and be a big help, in any knitting project!

Stitch markers are good gifts, cute, useful, and inexpensive! I have a list of 21 cute ones here if you need more inspiration!

Knitting-socks for the sock knitter

Socka with yarn balls and knitting needles on it, a perfect gift for the knitting friend who seems to have everything!

These socks with little knitting needles and yarn balls all over them is a fun and useful gift. Let the knitting show!

I really like this bright color, but you can also get these socks with a grey or black background for a little more down-to-earth look. Still fun, but easier to match…

These socks are available in women’s US sizes 4-10.5 / EUR 34–41.5 / UK 2–8.5

Gifts for knitters $10 to $20

Yarn balls + cats = ?

This cute yarnpile canvas totebag from KnitPicks would make a catloving knitter very happy!
This cute illustration with a pile of cats and yarn can be bought printed on a canvas totebag from KnitPicks
Close up of the cute print

There’s not much that can compete with yarn, but cats come close! No matter how much you pet your yarn it won’t purr…

Look at this cute tote bag! If your favorite knitter loves cats, I bet she or he will love to stash their next yarn project in this cat and yarn dream combo!

Size: 14.5″ x 14″ x 3″ gusseted bottom (37cm x 35,5cm x 15cm gusseted bottom)
Material: Recycled cotton
Features: Crossbody handles, snap closure, and interior pocket.

Give a knitting-themed coloring book!

An image of the Mason-Dixon Knitting Coloring book

The Mason Dixon Coloring Book for Knitters is a fab gift for any knitter that likes to color too. This book has 32 knitting-themed motifs to color in.

The pictures are printed on one-sided sheets to eliminate show-through and make it possible to frame and hang the pictures!

This book is available from several sellers, be sure to check for the best price!.

“Fuck Off, I’m Knitting” The perfect mug for every knitter

image of a mug  with the text "Fuck of I'm Knitting"

I think this mug is both hilarious and useful 🙂

It has a very clear message that can come to use while knitting an intricate lace pattern. Or counting stitches.

This large mug holds 15 oz / 44cl of your favorite hot beverage. And, we all love or coffee/tea/hot chocolate, right?

“Fuck off, I’m Knitting” is printed on both sides, which makes this mug suitable for both left and right-handed knitters.

The mug is both microwave and dishwasher safe.

Gifts for knitters $20 to $30

Reusable tote with a knitting hedgehog

The cutest tote ever with a print of a knitting hedgehog!

A strong and spacious canvas bag is always good to have. It can carry projects, yarn, knitting books, or a lunch package and an extra sweater!

But this tote is a little better than all the rest because it has the cutest print of a knitting hedgehog on it! This is to die for…

Psst! This design is also available on a drawstring bag,

Personalized clothing tags in faux leather

Personalised gift tags make great and appreciated gifts for knitters!
These personalised gift tags make great and appreciated gifts for knitter!

Tags with the knitter’s name or initials give a little something extra to a knitted garment!

Nifty tags like these look really cool on the brim of a beanie, the hem of a sweater, or the edge cuff of a sock. They also make the crafter behind the item more visible!


  • You can choose the text the recipients name, or something like “handmade with love”, for example.
  • You can add any engraving like a logo or small illustration
  • You can choose the color of your choice
  • Different shapes and sizes are available
  • Made of faux leather

I would be very happy to receive these for Christmas, the golden one is so pretty!

Modern design yarn bowl

Most yarn bowls I have seen are made of wood or ceramics, and those are lovely!

But this faux-marble one is made of resin. This one is the first yarn bowl I have stumbled upon that has this modern feel to it, and I love it!

The marble look and the neutral colors would fit in almost any type of interior decor!

Keeps yarn cakes from the floor

A yarn spindle that holds the yarn cakes keeps the yarn clean and tidy by keeping it from rolling around.

This one is made of solid acacia hardwood and has a lazy susan bottom that will let the yarn slide easily.

The spindle is 7″ /18 cm high and can hold two 100g yarn cakes at a time.

A Knitting Project Bag – the perfect gift for any Knitter!

A pretty and multi functional project bag is an affordable gift for a knitters

This knitting project bag has many good functions, it’s also pretty and feminine with a small floral pattern.

  • The bag can be carried in the handle at the top as well as worn over the shoulder leaving the hands free for knitting
  • PVC coated cotton fabric which means that it’s sturdy and waterproof.
  • Openings in the lid allow for knitting with several strands of yarns at the same time, without the yarn getting tangled.
  • Interior and exterior pockets to keep needles, patterns, and all the other bits and bobs organized.
  • An additional pouch for all the small notions like stitch markers and wool needles
  • Size: Large. Diameter 10.6″ (27cm) and height 13″ (33cm)
  • Big enough to hold several yarn projects at the same time.
  • Stands for itself and can be used as a project bag or storage to keep the yarn away from kids and pets
  • Also available in yellow

This bag is pretty, multi-functional, and has room for everything and then something. Any knitter or crocheter would love this!

Vogue® Knitting The Ultimate Knitting Book

vouge knitting - the ultimate knitting book

Vogue® Knitting The Ultimate Knitting Book by the editors of Vouge® Knitting Magazine

This book has been printed several times, and this edition is completely revised and updated.

It’s a reference book that’s all about knitting from start to finish.

Gifts for knitters over $30
A knitting chart keeper is a useful gift, and this one from KnitPro is pretty too

Organize those knitting (or crochet) charts!

This knitting chart keeper from KnitPro is a good helper for knitting or crocheting charts and patterns. Magnets keep the chart on the board where it’s easy to access while working. When not knitting just close the keeper and it will protect the charts from damage or getting lost.

  • The pretty cover is easy to keep clean
  • Pockets for pen and notes
  • Strong magnets keep everything in place
  • Can stand both horizontally and vertically
  • Snap closure

The perfect gift for knitters: A set of high-quality Knitting Needles

A HIyaHiya knitting needle set is a gift that would suit most knitters. It's hight quality, versatile, easy to use and includes everything you need!

A HIyaHiya knitting needle set is a gift that would suit most knitters. It’s high quality, versatile, easy to use, and includes everything you need!

This set is amazing! I have had mine for years and I will never buy another brand of knitting needles again.

I have written a whole post about the HiyaHiya Knitting Needles and all the reasons I have to recommend them if you need to know more before making the purchase!

  • These needles are interchangeable
  • The set includes four cables in four lengths
  • Seven pair of tips in sizes 2-8 US /2.75-5mm
  • Keyless screw-on connections
  • Swivel cables
  • A cute brocade case to hold cables, tips, and knitting notions

Psst! There’s also a more luxurious set with more sizes and a lot more accessories available if you really want to spoil your favorite knitter! You’ll find that set below!

The Limited Edition set – a gift every knitter will love ❤️

If I didn’t already have a very functional set of knitting needles from HiyaHiya, this luxurious set would definitely be on my wish list. Or, I have to admit, it is anyway 🙂

If you really want to show a knitter that you care, and appreciate his or her creative hobby, getting them this set is a very good way to do that! I’m pretty confident that they will love it. (and you ❤️ )

  • These needles are interchangeable
  • 13 pairs of tips in sizes ranging from US 2–15 / 2,75mm – 10mm.
  • 4 cables in different sizes
  • Cable connectors
  • Tip adapters
  • Small and large single point adapters that transform tips to straight needles
  • Small and large panda stoppers.
  • Puppy snip, to snip off threads.
  • Three Darn it’s, colorful darning needles.
  • Knitters Safety Pins, that doubles as stitch markers.
  • Keyless screw-on connections.
  • Rubber grips to easily attach the tips to the cables.
  • Keyless screw-on connections
  • Swivel cables
  • A cute brocade case to keep cables, tips, and knitting notions organized

HiyaHiya makes the best interchangeable knitting needles in my opinion, but they are quite affordable compared to some other brands!

What’re all those small gadgets for?!
Learn more in this post: HiyaHiya knitting accessories

Audiobooks are a great gift for knitters!

Audiobooks + Knitting = a match made in heaven!

Reading is one of my favorite things to do, besides knitting of course!

And that’s a bit of a problem for me. I want to read and I want to knit. But I can’t manage to do them both at the same time.

The solution? Audiobooks!

I can knit and listen to audiobooks for hours, and I bet I’m not the only one.

Give your favorite knitter the world of books in the form of a subscription to Amazon Audible!

The perfect combo: a Swift and Yarn Winder set

This luxurious natural wood yarn winder sold by Lion Brand Yarn is handcrafted in birch wood.

Many yarns are sold in hanks and to be able to knit with them they need to be turned into balls or yarn cakes. With a winder, hanks are transformed into yarn cakes in no time!

Fine quality bearing provides super smooth winding of yarn. And it wounds up to 450 gms of fingering yarn at the time!

This luxurious yarn winder is sold by Lion Brand Yarn.

For the knitter who has it all: a beautiful scarf knitting kit

Does your loved one have all the knitting bags and other tools they could possibly use? Then this beautiful scarf knit kit: Elysian Blanket Scarf would be just right!

This scarf is both beautiful to wear and fun to knit! The knitting kit is suitable for both beginners and more experienced knitters as the stitch pattern is simple but fun to make.

What’s included in the kit?

  • A digital pattern that you can e-mail to the recipient or download and print.
  • Enough yarn to complete the scarf in a color of your choice.
  • If you want: Knitting needles and wool needle

Blocking tools: A gift that makes a difference in the end!

A blocking mat with pins is a gift that can be used over and over again for many years to come

A blocking mat with pins is a gift that can be used over and over again for many years to come!

This one is especially useful as it fits any project no matter what size or shape! The squares are put together like a big soft floor puzzle to fit shawls, sweaters, or whatever shape that’s needed.


  • Material: Foam
  • Water and steam proof
  • Printed 1″ by1″ squares makes measuring a breeze

This package includes:

  • 9 pieces measuring 12″ by 12″ (30,5cm by 30,5cm),
  • A box for storage
  • 150 blocking pins.

What’s blocking?
Blocking is the last finishing step in knitting and crochet. This is where a lot of the magic happens! Uneven stitches open up and the fabric is shaped to look its very best.

It’s done by soaking or steaming the fabric with an iron. The item is shaped onto the blocking mat and pinned down for drying.

Many knitters wash their new garments before blocking them. This wool detergent from Kookaburra is gentle enough for even the most delicate yarns!

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