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HiyaHiya knitting accessories make your knitting needles go the extra mile

Interchangeable knitting needles really are the thing! If you wonder why you should start reading here and come back to this post later 🙂

If you know what I mean, and are ready to take your needle set to the next level, you’re in for a treat!

I have had my HiyaHiya interchangeable set since early 2014 and they are great! (More about that here: Review: HiyaHiya Interchangeable Knitting Needles – after using them for seven years! )

But, a while ago I wanted to knit a chunky blanket (a few years after everyone else, I know… ) To do that I needed bigger needles than the tips included in my set.

I really don’t like to buy fixed circulars so I started to research if it was possible to add bigger tips to my set and discovered the world of accessories for HiyaHiya interchangeable knitting needles!

This is how it went:

I learned, (the hard way…) that it’s important to have adapters if you want to mix parts in different size ranges.

(More about the HiyaHiya sizing system further down)

For knitting my chunky blanket I needed a pair of large tips and an adaptor to make them fit my small cables.

I also got a cable connector that joins two cables to one superlong. That little piece of metal is super when I want to try on a top-down sweater, and that’s quite often!

Did you know that there is a lot of accessories that you can add to your HiyaHiya interchangeable knitting needle set? These accessories make your set more versatile and add some extra fun to your knitting!
Get some more parts to your knitting needle set today to make it even better! 
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The different HiyaHiya accessories available:

I also discovered that there’s quite a lot of extras you can add to your set of needles to make it more versatile, that’s awesome!

  • Tip adapters – Let you combine large tips with small cables or small tips with sock cables.
  • Cable connector – connects two cables to one long.
  • Single point adapters – turns your tips into straight needles.
  • Cable stopper – Need your tips for another project? Use these to hold your stitches in place.
  • Tip protectors – Protects your surroundings from your sharp tips while not knitting as well as the stitches on your cable.
  • Tips – you can add tips in more sizes as I did.
  • Cable – You can add more cables to your set if you need to.

Important – the HiyaHiya sizing system

Always think twice when buying accessories for your set of HiyaHiya needles as the parts are divided into groups based on size. The parts from two different groups don’t work together without adapters between them.

So, how does this system work?

The tips and cables are divided into three groups. Sock/miniature, small, and large.

  • The sock/miniature range includes tips in sizes US 0–1.5 / 2mm–2,5mm, and cables to fit. The miniature cables are pink.
    Miniature cables are available in lengths from 24 inch / 60cm to 40 inch / 100cm.
  • The small range includes tips in sizes US 2– 8 / 2,75mm–5mm. The cables in the small range are blue. The small tips can be used with miniature cables and large cables by attaching a tip adapter.
    Small cables are available in lengths from 16inch / 40cm to 60 inch / 150cm. 
  • The large range includes tips in sizes US 9–15 / 5,5mm–10mm. The large cables are blue, like the small ones.
    Large cables are available in lengths from 16inch / 40cm to 60 inch / 150cm.

As an Amazon Associate and member of other affiliate programs, I earn commissions from qualifying purchases at no additional cost to you.

Tip adapters – expands the range of needle sizes

I have one of the small sets from HiyaHiya, but when I wanted to knit a chunky blanket I needed to use tips from the large range. These tips have bigger fittings and can’t be used with small cables.

So, I needed to either buy a new cable, that would only fit one pair of my tips or buy a tip adapter and be able to add my large tips to any of my small cables. I choose to go with the adapter, and it worked perfectly!

There are two sizes of adapters: The small ones that connect small tips to a sock cable and the large ones that connects a large tip to a small cable.

I did find the large tip adaptors on Amazon, but not the small ones, but I did find them at HiyaHiya North America. Click the buttons below to find the listing for each item.


(US 2–8 / 2,75mm–5mm)

(US 9–15 / 5,5mm–10mm)

Cable connectors – for longer cables

When I got my cable connectors I wasn’t completely convinced that I actually needed them. But they seemed good so I got them anyway, which i’m happy for now!

Let me tell you why! I rarely used my shorter cables because I like to knit with long cables for everything, even socks, and mittens.

The cable connectors gave me the opportunity to connect the two shorter cables and use them as one long. I love that I’m now using a larger part of my set of needles instead of buying more cables!

And as that wasn’t enough! I also use them to connect the longer cables to a super long for trying on top-down sweaters. Now I can have all the stitches on the same cable, instead of having a mess of cables and tips hanging all over the place and risking stitches slide of.

I haven’t found these in sock size, but you can get the small and large ones from Amazon. The buttons below will take you to the listings!


(US 2– 8 / 2,75mm–5mm)

(US 9–15 / 5,5mm–10mm)

HiyaHiya panda accessories are cute and useful

Point protectors are golden, especially if you bring your knitting project with you on the go.

Sharp tips can easily poke a hole in the lining of a bag, and it’s devastating to pick up a project only to discover that some of the stitches has slipped off!

With point protectors, you don’t need to worry about any of that and the pandas are adorable, that’s twice as good!

These are found on Amazon, click the buttons to see the prices and reviews on Amazon!


(US 2– 8 / 2,75mm–5mm)

(US 9–15 / 5,5mm–10mm)

Cable stoppers – when you need to hold stitches on a cable

Cable stoppers are cute little pandas that stops your stitches from falling off the cable when you need to use the tips for another project for a while.

The cable stoppers screws on to the cable like the tips do. If you’re interested in converting your interchangeable circular needles into straight ones, the set for doing that includes these little babies too.

Scroll down to read more about that or use the buttons below to click home a pair of cable stoppers from Amazon.


(US 2– 8 / 2,75mm–5mm)

(US 9–15 / 5,5mm–10mm)

Single point adapters – turn your tips into straight needles

If you like to use straight needles sometimes the single point adapters are the perfect addition to your set of interchangeable knitting needles.

This is how it works:

  1. Choose your pair of tips.
  2. Add the single point adapters to the tips, instead of a cable.
  3. Finish by adding stoppers to the ends of the single point adapters.

Voila! You have built yourself a pair of 8″ / 20 cm straight needles from your set of interchangeable circulars. If you need longer needles than that, add the extenders as well.

You can buy a single point adapter set on Amazon, choose your preferred size below!


(US 2– 8 / 2,75mm–5mm)

(US 9–15 / 5,5mm–10mm)

Extra tips and cables

I guess that extra tips in additional sizes and extra cables to hold all our wip:s (wip = work in progress) are the most bought Hiyahiya accessories.

As there are so many sizes of needle tips and several lengths of cables in each of the three size groups I’m not gonna link to all of them here. This post would be crazy long!

I’m just gonna tell you that they are available to buy on Amazon when you need them.

Then I will go further with this post by telling you that if you want a wide range of needle sizes as well as the accessories I showed in this post, you may consider buying a deluxe set from HiyaHiya.

HiyaHiya Sharp Deluxe Set – includes all the accessories you want

This set includes all the HiyaHiya accessories listed in this post (except for the point protectors), a wide range of needle sizes, and a lot more! All delivered in a pretty brocade case 🙂

If I were about to buy a set of interchangeable knitting needles today, I would totally get this set. It includes everything I ever wished for!

But as I have a HiyaHiya Sharp small set, I will continue to add on that instead of getting a completely new one.

This is what’s included in the HiyaHiya Sharp Deluxe set:

  • 13 pairs of tips in sizes ranging from US 2–15 / 2,75–10mm
  • 4 small cables in lengths 18″, 24″, 32″ and 42″
  • Small cable connectors with tightening grips
  • Tip adapter to connect the large needles to small cables
  • Small and large panda stoppers
  • Small and large single point adapters
  • Puppy Snip
  • Darn Its
  • 10 Knitters Safety Pins
  • Needle gauge
  • A handy brocade case to hold everything securely


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