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What’s Super Bulky Yarn?

Yarns are divided into groups depending on their weight. The lightest yarns in one group, then the second lightest, etc. Super bulky yarns are a group of heavy yarns. The only category with heavier yarn is Jumbo, the jumbo yarns are so thick they could barely be called yarn. Think of those ropelike yarns used […]

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What’s Sport Weight Yarn

Sport yarn sounds kinda fun, don’t you think? Like it’s the yarn used for sports rather than handicrafts. And while knitting marathon as a sports event is an intriguing thought, that’s not what the name sport refers to. Instead sport weight yarn is a group of yarns in a certain thickness. The thickness of yarn

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What’s Fingering Weight Yarn?

Yarn is divided into groups depending on the thickness of the yarn, and fingering is one of these groups. Each group is called a yarn weight, referring to the thickness of the yarn rather than the actual weight.  In the fingering category, you will find thin yarns that are very popular to knit with. Due

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10+ Comfy cardigan Knitting Kits

Choosing a cardigan knitting kit is a great way to avoid trouble and guestimating when working on your next comfy sweater. No matter if you are an experienced knitter or just about to cast on your first cardigan project! Issues like finding the right yarn, estimating how much yarn you will need, figuring out if

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Granny Square Crochet Patterns

Crocheting granny squares is so much fun! You can make just one or a few from scrap yarn and use them for coasters. Or, you can make a load of carefully chosen yarn and combine them into beautiful afghans or bedspreads! You can make them in a range of mismatched colors, a carefully created palette,

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