What’s Super Bulky Yarn?

Yarns are divided into groups depending on their weight. The lightest yarns in one group, then the second lightest, etc.

Super bulky yarns are a group of heavy yarns. The only category with heavier yarn is Jumbo, the jumbo yarns are so thick they could barely be called yarn. Think of those ropelike yarns used for arm knitting for example.

So Super bulky yarns are the really heavy ones worked on large hooks and needles.

Super bulky yarn facts:

  • Meterage / Yardage: 35–75 yards / 40–80 meters
  • Needle size: US 11–17 / 7–11 mm
  • Hook size: 9 to 15 mm, or sizes M–13 to Q
  • Gauge: 7 to 11 knit stitches; 7 to 9 crochet stitches
  • Please take into consideration that these numbers are only recommended. All yarns are different, and so are all knitters too 🙂

Super bulky yarns are fun to knit and crochet with because it’s so fast, you can easily whip up a project in an evening! The heavy yarn also makes the stitches big. The large stitches make structure patterns visible and you can get a lot of effect with a small amount of work.

Big stitches also make it easy for beginners to learn how to “read” their stitches and see where they are and what to do next.

Super bulky yarn can also be called roving, super chunky, polar, 16Ply, or group 6.

What can I crochet with Super bulky yarn?

You can crochet almost anything with super bulky yarn. But due to de thickness of the yarn, some things may turn out too stiff and heavy, like tops or skirts for example.

Super bulky yarn is often used for crocheting home decor items like blankets, pillows, baskets, placemats, plant hangers, and rugs. But you can also make garments like cardigans, coatigans, and sweaters or accessories like hats, scarves, cowls, and slippers / cozy socks.

I have gathered some crochet kits to give you an idea of what you could make!

If you’re more into looking at yarn or knitting please scroll down for more 🙂

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Super bulky crochet kits

The Aggie BAsket crochet kit

Crochet a basket to hold all your crochet yarn. (Or maybe just a part of it depending on your stash habits!)
The Aggie Basket is made with super bulky yarn and simple stitches, you’ll whip it up in no-time.
Get your Aggie Basket crochet kit from Lion Brand Yarn

Hooded Rabbit blanket crochet kit

These hooded blankets are so darn cute, can I make one for myself? I would have to make one for each kid to but it may be worth the extra work. They crochet up pretty fast after all 🙂
If you wanna make one, you can buy the kit from MaryMaxim

Hooded Penguin blanket kit

Here’s one more hooded blanket in the same style, but this time it’s a penguin instead of a rabbit!
Blankets are perfect to make in super bulky yarn. You can make a large project in a small amount of time. In addition a blanket made in thick yarn is warm, squishy, and cuddly!
Buy the Hooded Penguin blanket crochet kit from MaryMaxim

Alamosa Hoodie

Alamosa hoodie is a hooded cardigan made in super bulky yarn. This would be perfect to wear as a jacket in spring and autumn, and inside on chilly winternights.
Get your Alamosa Hoodie kit from Lion Brand Yarn

Basilisk Baby Blanket crochet kit

Basilik baby blanket has a quite bold design. The genometric black and white pattern combined with textured stitches is really fun!
Buy your Basilisk baby blanket crochet kit from Lion Brand Yarn

Super bulky knitting kits

Cozy Toes Slippers

Knit the Cozy Toes Slippers and you will never have cold toes again. Slippers in super bulky is super warm! (And super cute!)
Get your Cozy Toes Slippers knit kit from Lion Brand Yarn

Vail Ski Poncho

An poncho knit in super bulky yarn sounds amazing! A quick knit that’s warm, cuddly, beautiful, and you get to wear it in public 🙂
Get your Vail Ski Poncho knit kit at Lion Brand Yarn

Stripes & Eyelets Urban blanket

The Stripes & Eyelets Urban blanket is an easy level knit. The colorwork is only stripes, so you won’t have to manage two colors at the same time. And the lace pattern is also very easy to memorize!
Tassels adds som extra pizzazz!
Get the Stripes & Eyelets Urban blanket kit from Lion Brand Yarn

Scandinavian Hat and Scarf set

This hat and scarf set features a classic scandinavian snow star knitting pattern. Knit with super bulky yarn this conventional color work pattern suddenly gets really loud and bold. I think this is so cool!
The Scandinavian Hat and Scarf set is available at Lion Brand yarn

Plum Berry Blanket & Pillow

A blanket and pillow set both looks and feel good to have on the sofa. When they’re knit in thick yarn it’s also more manageble to make them!
The interesting structure and color pattern of this kit also looks like a fun knit.
Get your Plum Berry Blanket & Pillow knit kit from Annie’s

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