What’s Bulky Weight Yarn?

Bulky yarns are thick yarns that are fast and fun to work with!

You can use them for knitting and crocheting all sorts of things like garments, accessories, blankets, baskets, totes, pillows, you name it 🙂 If you need a bit of inspiration I have gathered some really nice crochet and knitting kits made with bulky weight yarn. Just scroll down and you will find them at the end of the post!

But back to what bulky yarn is. Yarns are divided into categories after weight aka thickness. This is the yarn weight categories sorted from the lightest to the thickest:

  • Lace
  • Fingering
  • Sport
  • DK
  • Worsted/Aran
  • Bulky
  • Super Bulky
  • Jumbo

bulky yarn facts:

  • Meterage / Yardage: approx 100–130 yards / 90–120 meters per 100 grams
  • Needle size: US 9–11 / 5,5–8 mm
  • Hook size: 6,5–9 mm, or K–10½ to M–13
  • Gauge: 12–15 knit stitches; 8–11 crochet stitches per 4 inches / 10 centimeters
  • Please take into consideration that these numbers are only recommended. All yarns are different, and so are knitters too 🙂

Bulky yarns are fun to knit and crochet! If you switch to bulky yarn from a thinner weight you will be surprised by how fast it works up! But also with how different it feels to work with! Items made with bulky yarn also get a certain expression that you can’t achieve with lighter yarns.

The heavy yarn produces large stitches that are more visible. Textured and three-dimensional stitch patterns like cables, lace stitches, or knit and purl stitch patterns make a real impact when done in bulky yarn.

Big stitches also make it easy for beginners to learn how to “read” their stitches and see where they are and what to do next.

Bulky yarn can also be called:

  • Group 5, bulky
  • Chunky
  • Craft
  • 12 Ply
  • 14 Ply

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Bulky yarn crochet kits

Tulip Square Sweater

The Tulip Square Sweater is super cute and made with an interesting construction of squares on the bias.

Get the Tulip Square Sweater kit from Lion Brand Yarn

MAtilda Blanket & Pillow

Granny squares are one of these modern classics that we just don’t seem to get enough of!
The Matilda Blanket & Pillow crochet kit is available at Lion Brand Yarn

Diana Basket crochet kit

The Diana Basket is beautiful and so practical. Use it as a shopping bag, handbag, or cute storage basket.
Buy the kit to crochet your own Diana Basket at Lion Brand Yarn

Squishy Beginner Baby Blanket Kit

Blankets made with bulky yarn are thick, soft, and cuddly, and the Squishy Beginner baby blanket is no exception!
Get the crochet kit for the Squishy Beginner baby blanket from Lion Brand Yarn

Bulky yarn knitting kits

Rocky Mountain Sampler knitting kit

Rocky Mountain Sampler throw is a classic sampler throw in a beautifully curated combination of colors.
This is a fun knitting kit to make for both beginners and experienced knitters with a variety of different knit and purl textures!
Get your Rocky Mountain Sampler Knitting kit at Lion Brand Yarn

Silverstone Sweater knitting kit

The Silverstone sweater is a basic sweater with drop shoulders that’s knit in a fluffy nylon yarn.
This is an easy-to-wear everyday sweater that you will get a lot of wear out of!
Buy the Silverstone Sweater knitting kit from Lion Brand Yarn

Billowny Quilted Throw

The Billowny Quilted Throw is a classic design knit entirely with knit and purl stitches. Don’t be afraid to test this kit, it’s not hard to do but looks lovely!
Another plus with this design is that it’s completely reversible, so you don’t have to worry about the back not looking good.
Get your Billowny Quilted Throw from Lion Brand Yarn

Madelyn Cardigan

Madelyn Cardigan is knit in a bulky bamboo yarn, it’s thick and cuddly but not too warm.
Get your Madelyn Cardigan knit kit from MaryMaxim

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