What’s DK Weight Yarn? + Yarn And Kit Suggestions

DK, what does that mean? In the world of knitting and crochet, DK is a yarn weight. Yarn in the DK category is lightweight (thin) and can be used for a large range of different projects.

For example, DK yarn is popular for making clothes and accessories for babies and adults. It’s also used for home decor items like tablecloths, dishcloths, pillows, and blankets.

What is significant to DK yarns?

A DK yarn is medium weight, it’s thicker than a sport yarn but thinner than those in the worsted category.

  • Meterage/yardage: 200–250 meter per 100 grams
  • Recommended knitting needles: US 5–7 / 4–4,5mm
  • Gauge on recommended needles: 21–24 stitches

Remember that the lines between the yarn weights are a bit blurry, and you may get different answers depending on who you’re asking. 

Why is it named DK?

DK is short for Double Knitting and refers to knitting with double yarn aka holding two strands of yarn together.

The name is a remnant from old times in the UK. Back then knitting yarn was spun with 4 plies (4 Ply), and the standard knitting yarn corresponded to today’s fingering yarn. DK, double knitting, is the weight achieved when holding two strands of knitting yarn aka fingering yarn together. 

Other names for DK yarn

Sometimes DK yarn is called baby yarn, but this term does mostly refer to the thinner yarns in the fingering and sport weights. 

8 Ply

8 Ply is used mostly in the UK and Australia. Earlier there was a standard weight for 1 Ply in these regions and the yarns were named after how many plies were used in the spinning. 

Nowadays you can find 1 Ply yarn that is super thick so the name doesn’t really say anything about the yarn weight anymore. But the expression 8 Ply lives on.

Light worsted

Light worsted is another name for DK yarn. The name refers to the fact that DK is a bit lighter (thinner) than worsted. 

3 light

According to Craft Yarn Council’s Standard Yarn Weight System, DK yarns are sorted into category 3 Medium together with light worsted yarns. 

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DK yarn knitting kits with

Angels Among Us baby blanket knitting kit

The Angels Among Us baby blanket is knit with Cascade 220 Superwash, a soft merino yarn that will feel soft against sensitive baby skin.
This pattern is rated as intermediate and a fun knit for the little more experienced knitters!
Buy the knitting kit for making the Angels Among Us at Annie’s

(If you think this is too much to chew, there’s also a beginner-friendly kit further down, the Really Ribbed Receiving blanket!)

Piper Sweater knitting kit

The Piper Sweater is an all year round sweater with a comfortable slightly oversized fit and drop shoulder.
The textured stripes are what make this sweater special.
Get the Piper Seater knitting kit from Lion Brand Yarn

Beachcomber shawl knitting kit

Beachcomber is a fun knit with easy-to-knit garter stripes blended with beautiful lace stitches.
The shawl is generous in size and reversible, jet lightweight, and thanks to the breathable cotton and linen yarn it’s a great piece for summer!
Buy your Beachcomber knitting kit at Knitpicks!

Mountain Ringer Tee knitting kit

Catch a relaxed retro vibe with the Mountain Ringer Tee designed by Alexandra Tavel from Two of Wands.
Start by knitting the perfect basic tee and add the mountain scene afterward with duplicate stitch!
The Mountain Ringer Tee knitting kit is available at Lion Brand Yarn.

Really Ribbed Receiving Blanket knitting kit

The Really Ribbed Receiving Blanket features only knit and purl stitches and is an easy project.
Perfect for new knitters or as a mindless knit for a more experienced knitter.
Knit in DK yarn this is a light weight baby blanket perfect for spring and summer!
Get the Really Ribbed Receiving Blanket kit at Lion Brand Yarn

DK yarn crochet kits

Bay Hugs Crochet Lovey kit

This cute doll is also a lovey! A clever construction with a skirt that folds out to a lovey and the feet are attached to the lovey’s corners.
Buy the Baby Hugs Crochet Lovey kit at Lion Brand Yarn

Mila Shawl crochet kit

Mila Shawl is an asymmetrical triangle shawl with a lovely drape.
This shawl can be worn like a scarf or beach cover-up as well.
Buy the Mila Shawl kit at Lion Brand Yarn

Cashew Cardigan crochet kit

Cashew is a lightweight cardigan with raglan shoulders.
It’s worked seamlessly from the top down.
Get the Cashew Cardigan crochet kit from Lion Brand Yarn

DK weight yarns


Mandala is a DK yarn from Lion Brand Yarn. This yarn is 100% acrylic and one ball is just enough to make a scarf.
Mandala is available in a wide array of fun and pretty colors!
Check all the colors out at Lion Brand Yarn!

LB Collection Superwash Merino Yarn

Superwash Merino is a soft and luxurious yarn that you can go safely in the washing machine.
It’s a DK weight 100% Merino yarn available in a range of modern solid colors.
Take a look and order your Superwash Merino from Lion Brand Yarn

Coboo Bamboo Cotton Blend

Coboo is a cotton and bamboo blend that take all the best benefits from the soft and drapey bamboo fiber as well as the durable cotton.
The yarn is DK weight and has 51% cotton and 49% bamboo in it.
See more colors and buy your yarn at Lion Brand Yarn

Sirdar Happy Cotton

Deciding between these colorful little balls of cotton yarn is like picking out your favorites in the candy store!
At 20 grams each they’re perfect for those smaller projects, or larger items that use a lot of different colors.
Buy Sirdar Happy Color at Annie’s

Cascade 220 Superwash

Cascade 220 Superwash is a well-known and popular yarn, and no wonder why. It’s soft, nice to knit with, easy to care for, and DK is a nice weight. Not too thick, not too thin.
Buy Cascade 220 Superwash at Annie’s

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