10+ Comfy cardigan Knitting Kits

Choosing a cardigan knitting kit is a great way to avoid trouble and guestimating when working on your next comfy sweater. No matter if you are an experienced knitter or just about to cast on your first cardigan project!

Issues like finding the right yarn, estimating how much yarn you will need, figuring out if the yarn will drape the right way, etc are effectively removed from the equation with a knitting kit.

Some of us enjoy the process of figuring out how to solve all those things, but sometimes it’s nice to let someone else do the thinking for us and just enjoy the knitting process!

For beginner knitters wanting to knit a cardigan, a knitting kit is a good one to start with! Choose one rated as easy and preferably with a yarn that’s on the thicker side.

In this post, I have gathered a bunch of comfy cardigan knitting kits for ladies! More interested in men’s knitting kits? Check out this post: Sweater knititng kits for men

#1 Empire State Cardigan

Empire state cardigan is a beautiful oversized cardigan from designer Chantal Miyagishima of Knitatude. A warm but still elegant cardigan that you can wear on the town as well as at home on the couch. Get the Empire state cardigan knitting kit from Lion Brand Yarn

#2 Avalanche Sweater Coat

The Avalanche Sweater Coat is one of the best selling knitting kits at Lion Brand Yarn right now, and it’s not hard to understand why! It’s gorgeous and has just the right bulky oversized look, it’s a fast knit with tick yarn, and warm enough to use outside when it’s cold. Design: Alexandra Tavel of Two of Wands
Get the knitting kit at Lion Brand Yarn

#3 Maker Momma´s & Darling Daughter Top Down Cardigans

This otherwise basic cardigan is made both cute and fun by the popcorn stitches added to the shoulder, arms, and front pockets.

And even more fun is that this cardi is also available in a kids-sized knitting kit called the Darling Daughter Top Down Cardigan. Mommy and me matches are so much fun!
You will find both kits at Lion Brand Yarn. Here’s the link for the adult version and here is the link for the kids’ version!

#4 Carefree cardi

The Carefree cardi is the perfect cardigan to wear at home, for work, or play. This sweater is knit in ribbing and with a garter check pattern on the fronts, back, and sleeves. Get the Carefree cardi knitting kit at Mary Maxim

#5 Pebbled cardigan

The Pebbled cardigan is a long and stylish cardigan knitted with a light but soft and warm alpaca blend yarn. Get the Pebbled cardigan knitting kit from Mary Maxim

The Campus Cardigan knitting kit is available at lion brand yarn

#6 Campus Cardigan knitting kit

The Campus cardigan designed by Alexandra Tavel of Two of Wands is a bulky weight warm and cozy cardigan that you’ll want to wear all the time. Get the Campus cardigan knitting kit at Lion Brand Yarn

#7 Aran hooded jacket knitting kit

With a classic Aran cable pattern, hood, and zipper this cardigan is a more elegant version of the hooded sweater. Get the Aran hooded jacket knitting kit from Mary Maxim

#8 Cable trim jacket

A warm and cozy jacket perfect for layering on chilly days. The simple cable pattern makes the jacket stand out. Get the Cable trim jacket knitting kit from Mary Maxim

#9 Texture and lace cardigan

This 3/4 sleeve cardigan with a bit of lace at the front is the perfect cardi for spring and summer. Get the Texture and lace cardigan knitting kit from Mary Maxim

#10 Cliffside cardigan

The textured pattern looks great on this thick and rustic looking cardigan designed by Alexandra Tavel from Two of wands.

The yarn is super bulky which makes it a rather fast knit! Get the Cliffside cardigan knitting kit from Lion Brand Yarn

#11 Uptown Cardigan knitting kit

The Uptown Cardigan designed by All About Ami is the perfect everyday garment that’s comfy and goes with everything! It’s knit in a cotton/bamboo yarn blend that makes it cool enough even for summer. Get the knitting kit for the Uptown Cardigan at Lion Brand Yarn

My big comfy ribbed cardigan by Mama in a stitch, buy the knitting kit at Lion brand yarn

#12 My Big Comfy Ribbed Cardi

My Big Comfy Ribbed Cardi is designed by Jessica Potasz from Mama in a stitch. The name of this bulky-weight textured cardigan speaks very well for itself! Get the My big comfy ribbed cardigan from Lion Brand Yarn

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