Sweater knitting kits for men

Knitting kits are a great way to set yourself up for success when knitting. Take the guesswork out of your knitting with these beautiful men’s sweater knitting kits!

You don’t have to worry that the yarn may not be perfect for the pattern, or that there will not be enough. With a knitting kit, it’s all figured out for you and you can just relax and let the needles click away!

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A picture of Tom Daley wearing his own design, Cuddle cardigan, sold as a knitting kit.

#1 Tom Daley’s Cuddle Cardigan

Tom Daley became a known name in the knitting world when pictures of him knitting during the Olympic games was cabled out over the world.

Now he has his own line of knitting kits under the name Made With Love by Tom Daley! Get the Cuddle Cardigan kit from LoveCrafts!

#2 Escape to the Woods pullover knitting kit

Escape to the woods pullover is a lightweight pullover knit in a nice textured pattern. This sweater is great to wear under a windbreaker on a chilly hike. Buy the Escape to the Woods pullover kit from Mary Maxim

#3 Celtic Wolf Jacket unisex knitting kit

A warm and comfy jacket perfect for walks. This kit is great for both men and women. Get the Celtic wolf jacket from Mary Maxim

#4 Mountain Armor sweater knitting kits

The Mountain Armor is a cool modern take on a thick cabled sweater. This warm and cozy knit is designed by Nathan Bryant of Loop N Threads. Get Mountain Armour knitting kit from Lion Brand Yarn

#5 Men’s Shawl Collar Cabled Cardigan knitting kit

The men’s cabled cardigan is a classic. This one is lightweight yet warm and cozy to wear. Get the Shawl collar cabled cardigan kit from Mary Maxim

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