Printable Inventory List

Get organized with a Printable Inventory List for your Hooks & Needles Do you find yourself wondering if you have needles/hook in a particular size? Maybe ordering some just in case? Or does your knitting /crochet tools need some organization? Then you’re in need of this printable inventory list for knitting needles and crochet hooks! … Read more Printable Inventory List

Knitting Needle Size Conversion Chart

Knitting Needle Sizes Conversion Chart | Needle sizes are a jungle – find the right one with this clear and easy chart from | #Knitting #KnittingNeedleSizes #Infographic

Knitting needle sizes in different parts off the world Are you, Fellow Knitters, ever getting confused over knitting needle sizes? I know I am sometimes. You find this super cute knitting pattern and you’re totally going to do this, and you just have to start right now. You look at what size of needles recommended, … Read more Knitting Needle Size Conversion Chart

Pain when Knitting? Learn how to avoid it

Pain when knitting? 7 ways to avoid pain as a knitter Hey Fellow Knitter, do you get pains when knitting? You just want to knit, but it hurts in your hands, wrists, and shoulders? I suffer from this too. I get pains in my hands and shoulders when knitting, and it ain’t pleasant. At all. … Read more Pain when Knitting? Learn how to avoid it

Circular Knitting Needles for Beginners

Circular knitting needles for beginners

Circular knitting needles for beginners:– How do they work and what’s so good about them? Circular knitting needles, does it sound like greek? Are you a beginner on circular knitting needles? Then you have come to the right place! I love knitting with circular needles (it’s actually the only kind I ever use) and as … Read more Circular Knitting Needles for Beginners

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