Knitting Needle Size Conversion Chart

Knitting needle sizes in different parts off the world

Are you, Fellow Knitters, ever getting confused over knitting needle sizes? I know I am sometimes.

You find this super cute knitting pattern and you’re totally going to do this, and you just have to start right now.

You look at what size of needles recommended, and then the hunt for a conversion chart begins … It’s hard to find one, so you have a look at the yarn weight. If you find a suitable yarn you can always wing it with the needles, right?

But no … the yarn weight is also stated in some metrics used in another corner of the world. So, the hunt continues and the inspiration starts to convert to irritation.

Do you recognize this scenario?

I do, only too well.

Therefore, I have created a little treat for us all. A knitting needle conversion chart!

Bookmark it and pin it to a suitable Pinterest board to be sure to be able to find it right away when you need it!

Knitting Needle sizes can be a jungle! ?? Click here to get a conversion chart for Knitting Needle sizes. This chart will save you every time!
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Knitting Needle Sizes Conversion Chart | Needle sizes are a jungle – find the right one with this clear and easy chart from | #Knitting #KnittingNeedleSizes #Infographic
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This knitting needle size conversion chart will make things easier!

I have put together this knitting needle size conversion chart graphic to save us some of our sanity. To save the rest I will have to hustle some more. I’m not sure what to do? πŸ™‚

This chart makes it easy to find the right needle size!

How to use the chart

  • Look at the chart to find the needle size you want to convert
    There are three columns in the chart.
    • The first column is for mm sizes
    • The second column is for the US sizes
    • And the third for the UK sizes.
  • Then follow the row to learn which sizes it converts to

Easy, right?

Make sure not to lose the chart

Both you and I know that the need for these kinds of charts is a recurring one, so be sure to pin this to Pinterest to keep it for later!

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