Fix Twisted Stitches

How to fix twisted stitches when knitting in the round Don’t twist your stitches! Almost every pattern for knitting in the round tells you to be careful to avoid twisted stitches when joining in the round. But sometimes this happens anyway, so how can you fix twisted stitches? A twisted cast-on will produce a twisted … Read more Fix Twisted Stitches

Provisional Cast-ons

What is a provisional cast-on? A provisional cast-on is a temporary cast-on that can be removed. This means that the cast on edge isn’t really an edge, but a live set of stitches that can be picked up and worked later. What’s the purpose of a temporary cast-on? This type of cast-on is used when … Read more Provisional Cast-ons

Why the crochet hook is a knitter’s best friend

Why the crochet hook is a knitter’s best friend As an Amazon Associate and member of LoveCrafts affiliate program, I earn commissions from qualifying purchases at no additional cost to you. What?! A CROCHET HOOK is a Knitter’s best friend? Has she gone mad? Well, I may be a bit mad, can’t argue with that…:) … Read more Why the crochet hook is a knitter’s best friend

Circular Knitting Needles Tutorial

The Circular Knitting Needles Tutorial – How to cast on, knit and bind off The Circular Knitting Needles Tutorial Have you ever tried knitting on circular needles? Or maybe you haven’t been knitting on any type of needles? In that case this tutorial is for you. I want to start with giving you a big … Read more Circular Knitting Needles Tutorial

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