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Neat Join in the Round

How to make a neat join in the round A jog often appears when the cast on stitches is joined for knitting in the round. If the cast on edge is visible that jog can be a bit irritating. Let’s take a look at how we can make a neater join in the round, one […]

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Long Tail Cast On Flat

Knitting Tutorial: Long Tail Cast On I have made posts about the long tail cast on earlier, but then the focus was on knitting in the round. Today we’re focusing on the cast on itself! In Sweden, where I live, it’s common to start with the long tail cast on when learning to knit and

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Two Color Cast On

Add a contrasting edge with a two color cast on Casting on with this two color cast on adds a narrow edge in a contrasting color. Knitting a contrasting edge on a solid colored sweater makes it a little more interesting to look at without the need to add a lot of colorwork patterns. Or,

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Chinese Waitress Cast On

How to do the Chinese waitress cast on with a crochet hook The Chinese Waitress cast on is a little more complicated and time consuming than some other cast on methods. And honestly, it took me a while to figure this one out. But don’t let that scare you off! Why? Because the Chinese waitress

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Knitted Cast On

The knitted cast on: easy and versatile If you could only learn one cast on the knitted cast on would be a good choice! I like that the knitted cast on is a versatile one. It works great for starting a new project as well as for adding more stitches in the middle of a

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Backwards Loop Cast On

Add new stitches with the Backwards loop cast on The backwards loop cast on works both for casting on for a new project and for adding new stitches in the middle of an project. The most prominent features of this cast on is that it’s easy to do and very loose and floppy. The looseness

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