How to: Pinhole Cast On Using a Crochet Hook

Knitting how to: Pinhole cast on with a crochet hook

Pinhole cast on is a good way to start knitting from the center, for example, for hats, toe-up socks, circles, and squares.

I really wanted to use this cast on, but I thought it was hard to do. But that was before I learned to do it with a crochet hook! Now it’s a breeze 🙂

How to do the pinhole cast on

If you’re familiar with crocheting amigurumi you will see that the pinhole cast on done with a crochet hook is very familiar to start a crochet project with a magic ring.

  • Form your yarn end into a circle and hold it in your left hand. I like to wrap the yarn around my fingers rather then pincing the circle, because I think it’s easier to to hold on to this way.
  • Use the crochet hook to go into the circle from front to back, wrap your yarn and bring the loop with your back to the front.
  • Wrap your yarn around the hook again and pull the new loop through the first loop, this is your first stitch.
  • Keep creating more stitches in the same way until you have enough.

Or, if you’re familiar with crochet: it’s almost like making SC (single crochet) stitches into the ring, but instead of pulling through both loops on the hook you just pull through the first. Leaving a new loop on the hook for every stitch your make. If that make sense?

I guess it’s kind of hard to follow in just plain text so I have also made a video so you can see exactly how I do this.

Video: Pinhole cast on using a crochet hook

We all are different, some like to read instructions and some like to watch a video. I really enjoy making this type of short and simple knitting tutorial and try to make them as helpful as I can! Hope you like them 🙂

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