Knitted Cast On

The knitted cast on: easy and versatile

If you could only learn one cast on the knitted cast on would be a good choice!

I like that the knitted cast on is a versatile one. It works great for starting a new project as well as for adding more stitches in the middle of a row.

The knitted cast on is easy to remeber and can be used both for adding stitches in the middle of a row and for starting new projects. #knitting #Caston #knittedcaston #addstitches

A common first cast on

When browsing forums and reading knitting blogs I have noticed that this seems to be a common first cast on for new knitters. In Sweden, where I live, it’s more common to teach the long tail cast on to new knitters, so I learned this one quite recently!

Anyhow, the knitted cast on is based on the simple knit stitch, which makes it easy to learn and remember. Easy and versatile, that’s the knitted cast on!

Video: Knitted cast on + adding new stitches to a row

We all are different, some like to read instructions and some like to watch a video. I really enjoy making this type of short and simple knitting tutorial and try to make them as helpful as I can! Hope you like them 🙂

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Casting on for a new project with knitted cast on

You’ll need a pair of knitting needles or a circular knitting needle and some yarn to get started with this.

Step 1

The first step is to make a slip knot and place it on your knitting needle. If you need some help with making a slip knot you can learn more in this post.

Step 2

Hold the needle with the slip knot in your left hand and the empty needle in the right. Hold your working yarn as if to knit. I wrap it around the fingers on my left hand, but do as you please!

Step 3

Insert the right needle tip into the slip knot and make a loop as if to knit. Now place the loop you made next to the slip knot on the left needle. You have made your first two stitches!

Keep working like this, making new loops and placing them on the left needle until you have enough stitches.

How to add stitches in the middle of a project

Sometimes you need to add stitches in the middle of a project. Sometimes even in the middle of a row. How lucky then that you already know how to make the knitted cast on that’s perfect for these situations!

This technique is used for buttonholes, for adding sleeves in some down/up sweaters, and for adding borders.

You can add stitches at the beginning of a row or in the middle of a row with this cast on.

If your pattern says to add stitches at the end of a row you can turn your work over and use the knitted cast on. The result will be the same as long as you’re supposed to turn over and knit back.

Adding edge stitches with knitted cast on

To add stitches at the beginning of a row you need to finish the last row before and turn your work over.

Then insert your Right needle tip into the first stitch as if to knit it. Wrap your yarn and pull the new loop through. Place the new loop on the left needle. Make as many new stitches like this as you need.

When you have enough stitches start knitting as normal, following your pattern.

Adding new knitting stitches in the middle of a row

Knit to the place where you need to add more stitches. Place your needle tip in the next stitch as if to knit, wrap your yarn and drag the loop through. Place the loop (the new stitch) on the left needle tip. Add as many stitches as you need.

When you have enough it’s time to start working your row again, following your pattern. You will start by knitting your new stitches.

I like this cast on as it’s so easy to remember, easy to work with, and can be used in several ways! I hope you like it too 🙂

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