The Knitter’s Wish List

Use a wish list to simplify your gift shopping!

The Knitter’s Wish List is here to take away some of your Holiday stress.

It’s not easy to buy knitting-related gifts if you’re not a knitter yourself.

How should you know what types of yarn to buy or which kind of notions and tools that are useful?

I feel you. Sometimes gift shopping can turn into a bit of a struggle. But I bet this simple tool can help you out!

Make it easier to shop for gifts

I have created the Knitter’s Wish List to ease your Holiday shopping struggle. And, because I wanted to fill it out myself to give to my family, of course 🙂

To print, click the image of the list you want to use. There is one in a pretty yellow theme and one with a red and yellow theme. The pdf opens up in a new tab and you can print it from there.

Are you a knitter?

If you’re a knitter yourself don’t let this chance slip through your fingers!

Print the list, write down your preferences and give it to your friends and family.

Maybe it feels a little strange, but I promise you that they are happy for all the help they can get with ideas for gifts. Who doesn’t want to find the perfect gift?!

Don’t forget to pin the Knitters Wish List to easily find it next time and share it with other knitters!

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