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5 Ways To Improve Your Knitting

Things new knitters don’t do (that maybe they should) I have noticed a few things that experienced knitters do, but new knitters may not have learned yet. These are 5 easy ways to improve your knitting! Using your swatch for more than measuring gauge Getting to know your yarn and fibers properly Knitting on multiple

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Match Yarn and Needles

How to match yarn and needles for knitting Today we’re diving into the art of matching yarn and needles to be able to knit with success! Do the size matter? Oh yes, when matching yarn and needles it does. The size of your needles will affect both the length and width of your finished piece

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Substitute Yarn

How to find a yarn that fits your pattern Do you know how to substitute a yarn with another? It’s important to choose wisely when choosing another yarn for a pattern. If the yarn doesn’t match your pattern there may be a big disappointment waiting for you at the finishing line of your project. But

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Guide to Knitting Colorwork

7 ways to add a splash of color to your knitting! Knitting colorwork can be a little intimidating, don’t you think? You have to keep track of when to knit with which color and read a chart. Two or more strands of yarn dangling from your knitting can also feel a bit overwhelming. But, you

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Make your Colorwork Pop

Pick colors that make your colorwork POP! It’s a blast knitting with several colors, but it’s also quite much work. And you want your efforts to show, right? The secret to make your colorwork “pop” is to pick colors that have high contrast. It’s common to pick neutrals like black, gray, or white as the

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Best Baby Knitting Yarns

The Best Baby Knitting Yarns! Babies are sensitive and knitting for wee ones require a little extra care in the choice of yarn. Baby knitting yarns should be soft, free from chemicals and chosen with the season in mind. So what should you think about when shopping for baby knitting yarns? It’s important to use

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How to choose eco friendly yarn

Do you know what to look for when shopping for eco friendly yarn? As an Amazon Associate and member of LoveCrafts affiliate program, I earn commissions from qualifying purchases at no additional cost to you. Are you struggling with the equation of knitting yarns and sustainability? You’re not alone.  There are literally thousands of different

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