Best Baby Knitting Yarns

The Best Baby Knitting Yarns!

Babies are sensitive and knitting for wee ones require a little extra care in the choice of yarn. Baby knitting yarns should be soft, free from chemicals and chosen with the season in mind.

So what should you think about when shopping for baby knitting yarns?

  • It’s important to use soft yarn when knitting for babies as their skin is more sensitive than adults.
  • Another thing to consider is for which season the item will be worn. Warm fibers for cool seasons and cool fibers for warm seasons!
  • The yarn weight, a thicker yarn is faster to knit with but can get stiff, bulky or even to heavy for an infant. Baby clothes are small and fast knits in any case so don’t go for the heaviest options.
  • Choose a yarn that’s as clean as possible. Go for natural fibers, organic yarns and watch out for beautiful but toxic dyes. Read the labels and ask in your yarn shop if you’re unsure.

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Always buy organic baby knitting yarns

To avoid your little one being exposed to more chemicals than necessary, take a moment to make sure that the yarn you’re buying is free from chemicals.

It’s a good idea to pick an eco-friendly yarn when knitting for a wee one. Organic yarns are produced with fewer chemicals than other yarns. But, be aware of that organically produced yarns still can be dyed with chemical-heavy dyes.

Undyed yarn is a great choice if you like that kind of colors. If you’re more into the brighter colors, ask in the shop if they can guarantee that the yarn you’re buying is sustainably dyed.

Keep your eyes open for GOTS certified yarns

GOTS stands for Global Organic Textile Standards. Products that are GOTS certified follow strict environmental and social rules about what goes into the making of the product. Not only the ingredients but also labor.

Textiles that are GOTS certified can be composted because they lack harmful pesticides, chemicals, dyes, and are made of natural fibers.

Best baby knitting yarns are spun with natural fibers

Always make sure you pick natural fibers when knitting for babies. Almost all the man-made fibers are produced in a way that’s very chemical-heavy except for Tencel®-yarn.

Tencel® is a trademark owned by a company called Lenzing and it’s produced in a sustainable way from eucalyptus trees. You can also find Tencel®-fabrics.

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Good (natural) fiber choices for babies include merino wool, organic cotton and, linen.

Merino yarn is perfect for winter Baby Knitting

Merino yarn is perfect for winter, both for babies and adults. The Merino fiber is also appreciated for its unusual qualities by adventurers!

What makes the fiber loved by many and perfect for babies in cold weather are these amazing characteristics:

  1. It’s soft to the touch and itches less than other types of wool.
  2. It’s warm to wear when the environment is cold
  3. It’s very lightweight
  4. It’s cooling when the environment is warm
  5. It’s moisture repellant and can keep you dry
  6. It’s odor resistant

Amazing right? And all this together makes a perfect baby knitting yarn.

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Best Baby Knitting Yarns | This post guides you through some important aspects of choosing a yarn for baby knits #BabyKnitting #YarnShopping #KnittingYarn #Knitting #Yarn

Cotton – washable and durable

For summer cotton baby knitting yarns can be a good choice. I write can be, as cotton can be a true chemical bomb. But, if you go for the organic cotton yarns that are coming more and more on the store shelves and check how it has been dyed you should be safe.

What makes cotton a good baby knitting yarn?

  • It’s breathable – cotton consists almost entirely of cellulose which makes it able to conduct heat away from the baby.
  • It’s inelastic – cotton has a bit of drape and nice stitch definition which makes it great for knitting stitch patterns and cables. Perfect for small summer dresses and blankets.
  • It’s absorbent – Cotton can hold a lot of water which makes it a good choice for washcloths and towels. It’s also mean that cotton takes dye well and are available in a wide range of colors and variegations.
  • It’s machine-washable – and it can go into the dryer too! This got to be the best feature for parents to babies. We all know that babies usually need a couple of changes a day… Cotton softens in the dryer, but a tip is to take it out before completely dry and let it dry flat for a while to keep the shape of the garment.
  • It’s durable – Cotton is a durable fiber and can take all that washing that we just talked about 🙂

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Linen yarn – cool in summer and can go through the dryer

Linen yarn is another great baby knitting yarn for the warmer months. It can feel a bit harsh in the beginning but a few turns in the washing machine will make it super soft!

Linen is a great choice for nature too. It’s a renewable source, the production is almost chemical-free and it’s biodegradable as long as it’s not blended with synthetic fibers or dyed in a bad way.

What makes linen a suitable choice for baby knits?

  • It’s strong and durable. Linen will get softer, more drape and be more beautiful for every wash. Perfect for baby garments and blankets that can last a whole row of siblings!
  • It’s machine-washable and can be put in the dryer. But just as for cotton, if you want to shape the garment you have to take it out before it’s completely dry and let it dry flat.
  • It’s inelastic – the stitch definition is great and it will show off your efforts with stitch patterns in the best possible way.
  • It’s lustrous – and looks beautiful!
  • It’s absorbent and yield cool – linen will keep your baby cool and dry during the summer heat.
  • It’s antibacterial and repels dirt

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