Russian Join

How to make a secure and slick join

Russian join is a technique for joining two strands of yarn before knitting them instead of weaving in the ends afterward. And the best thing is that’s it’s secure and almost invisible!

I know many knitters and crocheters dislike to weave in the ends after knitting a project, then the Russian join is a handy technique.

Personally, I also like to use it for joining all the little scraps and odd balls that I collect as a knitter. I join them together and wind them into “scrap balls”.

These balls are perfect when the kids ask for yarn for making pompoms or for knitting multicolored projects, my favourite is to use them for marling! More about marling here!

An image with yarn strands knotted together with russian joins. A text overlay says: how to knit make a russian join

Knitting video: Russian join

This short video shows how to make the Russian join step by step. Follow this link to subscribe to my youtube channel!

How to make a Russian join

Materials needed:
– Two strands or yarn
– Wool needle
– Scissors

  1. Thread the needle

    Thread your needle with the first yarn.

  2. Weave the needle through the yarn

    Pull out a short tail and weave the needle through the center of the yarn strand for about 1″ inch/2,5 cm.
    If it’s hard to insert the needle in the middle of the strand you can untwist it a bit first.

  3. Make the first loop

    When you have weaved your needle through the strand a loop appears. Hold the loop with your fingers to keep it when pulling your needle through. Take the yarn out of the needle.

  4. Thread the needle

    Thread the needle again, this time with the second yarn.
    Pass the needle through the loop you made.

  5. Weave the needle through the strand

    Weave the needle through the strand, like you did with the first yarn, and pull the needle through.
    Now you should have two interlocking loops.

  6. Pull the tails gently

    Pull the short tails gently to tighten and close up the loops.
    Cut off the tails.

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