Knitting Project Bags Buyers Guide

The Best Knitting Project Bags found on Amazon! Most knitters will agree to the necessity of a good knitting project bags! These bags should be able to hold your WIP (work in progress) and, of course, all your knitting notions so that everythi ...


How to Knit Double Stockinette

Double Stockinette – a No Purl & No Curl Stockinette stitch pattern that look alike on both sides!
It creates a soft, squishy and elastic fabric with no wrong side! Learn more at #Knitting #DoubleStockinette #NoPurl #StitchPattern #KnittingHack


Tips for Knitting Stranded Colorwork

A few tips and tricks to help you succeed with stranded colorwork Knitting stranded colorwork isn't always as easy as one could wish for. But, it doesn't have to be that hard either. I hope these tips can help you on your way! Color domination ...


How to Count Rows in Knitting

Have you ever struggled with how to count your rows when knitting? Your pattern tells you to do something after knitted X rows and you don't know when you have because it's hard to remember if you should count your cast on and the stitches on your ...


Knitting with Slipped Stitches

What's the difference between slipped, lifted and passed stitches? Do you know the difference between lifted, passed and slipped stitches? These knitting words did certainly cause me some issues in my early knitting days. The language of knit ...

Guide to Knitting Colorwork

7 ways to add a splash of color to your knitting! Knitting colorwork can be a little intimidating, don't you think? You have to keep track of when to knit with which color and read a chart. Two or more strands of yarn dangling from your knitting ...


Make your Colorwork Pop

Pick colors that make your colorwork POP! It's a blast knitting with several colors, but it's also quite much work. And you want your efforts to show, right? The secret to make your colorwork "pop" is to pick colors that have high contrast. It' ...


Best Baby Knitting Yarns

The Best Baby Knitting Yarns! Babies are sensitive and knitting for wee ones require a little extra care in the choice of yarn. Baby knitting yarns should be soft, free from chemicals and chosen with the season in mind. So what should you thi ...


Knit a Baby Blanket

The easiest way to knit a baby blanket! Are you a pattern knitter or a no-pattern knitter? If you are used to following patterns but wish to learn how to knit without one a baby blanket can be a good project to start with! A baby blanket is a ...


Linen Yarn

10 tips for knitting with linen yarn Fancy a new cool summer top?  Then I guess linen can be one of the fibers of your mind! In this post, I have gathered all the best tips I could get my hands on about knitting with linen. The he ...