Animal Crochet Kits Easy Enough For Kids!

Searching for super easy to make yet super cute animal crochet kits? I was too and I found it on Amazon! Or rather, I found a whole lot of them.

I was on the hunt for crochet kits easy enough for my kids to make. They are 10 and 11 years old now and have begun to show some interest in crochet and knitting so I thought crocheting stuffed animals would be fun.

I started by searching the yarn sites for kits but didn’t find anything I liked. So, I went on Amazon, and there they were. Loads of cute, easy-to-make crochet animal kits with everything included. And to be honest at good prices too!

I went with bunnies and dinosaurs, what will you choose?!

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Delia the Bunny

Delia the Bunny is cute as a button! She is made with a beginner friendly crochet kit I found on Amazon. Both the kit and crocheted item are great gifts, especially around Easter time!
See the price and more information at Amazon

Terry the Turtle

Terry the Turtle comes in a crochet kit including all materials and notions you will need. There’s even a video instruction you can watch if you need a little more help!
See the price and more information at Amazon

Five colorful dinosaurs

Doing the same thing over and over is a great way to learn a new skill. And what could be more fun than making a bunch of cute little dinos in a variety of bright colors?
Just think how cute these will look on your shelf 🙂
Buy the cute dinosaurs crochet kit from Amazon

Crochet a bunny, a bee, a chick, and a dino!

This kit includes materials, notions and instructions to make four cute animals! Practise makes perfect 🙂
Buy this kit from Amazon

Crochet a trio of cuteness

With this set, you get everything you need to crochet a fox, an elephant, and a dinosaur. These crochet animals make perfect little gifts for children or anyone who likes cute things!

Buy this animal crochet kit from Amazon

Crochet kit for animal keychains

With this kit, you can crochet a penguin, an owl, and a dinosaur and attach keychains to them. Perfect for embellishing your backpack!
Buy the kit from Amazon

Large Unicorn Crochet Kit

Most of the beginner friendly animal crochet kits are for smaller items, but not this. The finished size of this unicorn is 13.79 inches tall and 5.0 inches wide!
Using thick yarn and a big hook this is perfect for beginners as you will make progress fast and it’s easy to see what you’re doing. This kit is available in the white color seen in the image, pink, blue, and yellow.
Buy the large unicorn crochet kit at Amazon

Mama Owl and her babies

How adorable are these!? And the best thing is that you could easily whip up mama Owl and her babies with this crochet kit.
The kit includes everything you need to make the three owls and is available in several colors.
Pick your favorite color over on Amazon’s site

Three Whales

I just love these whales, so round and cute and with the little spray on the top!
Head over to Amazon to get your whale crochet kit

Super easy to make kitten crochet kit

I’m overwhelmed with all the cute animal crochet kits, but here’s one more.
A round little cat, look how cute it looks with its different colored ears!
Get the cute cat crochet kit from Amazon

Animal crochet kit: Penguin

This round little pastel blue penguin is adorable with his little hat and scarf!
Buy your kit from Amazon

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