Heart Rib Wrist Warmers Knitting Pattern

This knitting pattern features two of my favorite things when it comes to knitting: Heart rib and wrist warmers!

I love the heart ribbing stitch pattern because it looks stunning, is fun to knit, and because the 3D effect makes it very squishy.

The advantages of wrist warmers are many…

  • Wrist warmers are fast to knit, even with thin yarn.
  • You only need a small amount of yarn to knit them, perfect for your pretty leftovers!
  • They are comfy to wear. I wear them while writing blog posts and knitting as well as outside in spring and fall.
  • Wrist warmers look cute paired with most outfits!

Heart rib wrist warmer knitting pattern:

  • Yarn: About 30 grams of Fingering yarn, preferably wool. I used Adlibris Socki Fine in the color A049, light grey melange. It’s a woolen sock yarn with a small amount of nylon added for strength. It’s also machine washable which is nice.
  • Needles: Double pointed needles or circular needles US 0 / 2 mm for the rib at the start and the end and US 3/ 3,25 mm for the heart rib pattern.
  • Gauge: 4 repeats of the heart rib pattern should measure 2 inches / 5 cm when it’s unstretched.
  • Stitch marker. A fancy one like one of these if you like, but a piece of scrap yarn will work just fine!
  • Scissors
  • Wool needle


k = knit
p = purl
sl loop wyib = slip the loop purlwise while holding the yarn at the back of your work.

Cast on: 55 stitches with needle US 0 / 2 mm and join in the round. Place a marker at the beginning of the round.

Make sure your cast on is stretchy enough, otherwise, the wrist warmer can’t stretch out when you pull it over your hand. I usually cast on over both needles to make sure there’s enough yarn in my cast on.

Round 1–15: *p2, k3*, repeat *–* until the end of the round.
Round 16: *p2, pull up a loop through the middle knit stitch 4 rows down, k3, pull up another loop through the same stitch*, repeat *–* until the end of the round.
Round 17: *p2, sl loop wyib, k3, sl loop wyib*, repeat *–* until the end of the round.
Round 18: *p2, sl loop wyib, k1, pass the loop over the knit stitch, k1, knit the loop together with the next stitch*, repeat *–* until the end of the round.
Round 19: *p2, k3*, repeat *–* until the end of the round.

Repeat rounds 16–19 eight times.

Round 20–30: *p2, k3*, repeat *–* until the end of the round.

Bind off loosely in pattern, cut the yarn and weave in the ends and make one more.

Need some help?

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