What do you need to start knitting? – Knitting supplies for beginners

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What do you need to start knitting? Five supplies is all you need to get started, and I bet you already have some of them around your house! #Knitting #KnittingTools #KnittingSupplies

There are plenty of nifty and pretty knitting supplies available. But do you need all these sometimes quite pricey gadgets when you’re just starting?

No, you don’t! There are only five things that you need to get started.

With some luck, you can find everything you need around the house or in your granny’s knitting basket. Or maybe you can borrow supplies from a friend?

But if you need to buy knitting supplies I’ve put together a list of some items from Amazon.com to start with. If knitting is your thing you can stock up on all the fancy notions and expensive yarns later!

Knitting supplies for newbies:

I have also put this together in a printable shopping list that you will find at the end of this post, you’re welcome too use it!

How to pick your first knitting needles

These bamboo knitting needles in size US15 / 10mm are available on Amazon.

If you have needles on hand, start with them. No need to spend money on a new hobby before you know if it’s your thing, right?

Need to buy needles? Knitting needles are a jungle, there are different materials, styles and brands to choose from.

The needles I recommend here are a pair of straight bamboo needles in size US15 / 10mm. I have picked them for this knitting supplies guide for beginners for a few different reasons:

  1. Bamboo needles are less slippery than metal ones.
  2. Straight needles often feel easier for beginners to handle than circular needles.
  3. It’s easier to start knitting on large needles. You can see what you’re doing and it’s easier to get the motions right.
  4. The size (US 15 / 10mm) is perfect for the yarn I choose to go with them!

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––> This post has a conversion chart for needle sizes.

Choosing yarn for your first knitting project

If you have a ball of yarn lying around, use that! If you are going to buy one, pick a ball of yarn that’s on the thicker side.

With a thicker yarn, the stitches will be bigger and it will be easier for you both to see them and to work with them. Solid color, no fuzz, and even thickness are also good qualities of a beginner-friendly yarn.

Avoid knitting in black yarn, it’s almost impossible to see what you’re doing… go for light or bright colors!

I also recommend a yarn spun of natural fibers rather than a synthetic yarn even thou it’s a little more expensive.

Natural fibers have a nice feel to them, and they’re better for the environment. That’s a win-win in my book! And the chances that you’ll keep up the knitting are bigger if you use a good yarn that ensures a nice finished product.

Crazy Sexy Wool from Wool and the Gang is spun from 100% South American sheep wool. It’s renewable and biodegradable.
This yarn is thick which means it’s easy to knit with and knits up fast. And it comes in a rainbow of beautiful colors! It’s also suitable for knitting on the US15 / 10mm needles I recommended above.

If you need to buy yarn that suits another needle size or wish for a different yarn to knit with the needles in this guide please read the post How to pick yarn for my knitting project

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Measuring tools – which should I pick?

If you don’t have a tape measure, get one! You will need it. Knitting is a lot about measuring and calculating.

But there are also other tools for measuring used in knitting, the gauge measuring tool is my absolute favorite!

It comes in different shapes, mine has a built-in magnifying glass which makes it easy to count my stitches per 10cm (or inch depending on where you live).

I have had mine for years and couldn’t find the exact one for sale. But this one is the same design, only another color.

This gauge measuring tool also has an inch/cm ruler and measures your knitting needles if you have the unmarked kind!

If you’re only going to buy one measuring tool, pick the measuring tape it’s essential!

Reading tip:
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Knitting supplies for beginners: Scissors

These embroidery scissors are small, sharp, and cute. Perfect for your notions bag! You find them at Amazon.

Snippets are also great tools for cutting yarn tails. You find more information about these here.

You need a pair of scissors to cut your yarn and the tails after weaving them in. I bet you already have a pair of scissors, go with them for now.

Later you may want to buy a pair of scissors or snippets to have in your notions bag, then go for small and sharp ones. Small because small ones are easier to bring with you and let you snip that yarn with exactness. And sharp scissors make nice clean cuts.

Plastic yarn needles found on Amazon.

What’s a wool needle?

A wool needle is a needle with a blunt tip and big eye used for weaving in ends and sewing pieces of knit fabric together.

They are available in steel or colorful plastic. I usually try to stay away from plastic, but this is an exception, the bright colors ensure that I don’t lose these as often as the metal ones.

You will need one of these for the last finishing of your project.

These can also be called blunt needles, yarn needles or tapestry needles.

Beginners knitting supplies – a shopping list

Best Knitting Supplies for Beginners – What do you really need?
The five tools you need to start knitting a guide with printable shopping list. 
#KnittingSupplies #KnittingTools #StartKnitting #BeginnerKnitting

Download the shopping list and take it with you to the store if you don’t want to shop online! Just click the image to open up a printable pdf.

When you have gathered all your knitting supplies …

… it’s time to get started with the fun stuff. And luckily I have just the posts you need!

How to knit garter stitch This post is all about the garter stitch, the easiest of the stitches and one of my favorites. It’s so squishy and soft!
How to knit stockinette stitch In this post we go through everything about the stockinette stitch, how it works, how it’s built up, and how to knit it. You will learn how to cast on stitches, and do the knit and the purl stitch.

Happy Knitting!