Beginner baby blanket knitting patterns

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Easy and fun baby blanket knitting patterns

These beginner-friendly baby blanket knitting patterns are fun and easy to knit.

If you are looking for a baby shower gift for a friend or a family member, a hand-knit baby blanket is a great idea!

In this post, I have gathered 12 easy baby blanket knitting patterns. I’m sure you’ll find something you like =)

a list of 14 beginner friendly baby blanket knitting patterns. Com on over and dive in!
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Aloha baby blanket knitting pattern

Aloha Baby Blanket Knit Pattern

The Aloha Baby Blanket is a true beginner pattern. This is the easiest to knit of all the blankets in this post, and it’s a great first project!

To knit this blanket all you need to know is cast on, knit stitches, bind off, and weaving in the ends. It doesn’t get any easier than this ๐Ÿ™‚

Get the pattern and the yarn needed at Annie’s!

I wanna knit a baby blanket knitting patter

I Wanna Knit a Baby Blanket

The I Wanna Knit a Baby Blanket is a super easy pattern for a cute baby blanket with stripes.

This blanket is knit from the corner in garter stitch (knit stitch on both right and wrong rows) with some easy increases and decreases along the sides.

If you want to know how to increase and decrease to knit a square from the corner, I have written about that in this post

Find the pattern and yarn at Lionbrand Yarn

Hug Baby Blanket Knit pattern

This blanket has a cute little label on it, learn how to attach them and where to get yours in this post!

Hug Baby Blanket Knit Pattern

Hug Baby Blanket Knit Pattern is a bit of a blank canvas. If you have some really beautiful yarn that you want to show off, this is the pattern for it!

The Hug Baby Blanket is knit in stockinette stitch, with garter stitch borders, and in thick yarn. It’s both easy and pretty fast to knit.

Get the pattern and some lovely yarn for it at Annie’s!

Round rubbled baby Afghan

Round Ruffled Baby Afghan

This blanket is knit from the center out and finished off with a cute ruffle edging.

The pattern requires some skills like knitting in the round, making increases, knits, and purls. It’s quite easy but maybe not your first project!

Get the pattern yarn from Lionbrand Yarn here!

Sunshine Chevron Baby Blanket

Sunshine Chevron Baby Blanket

The Sunshine Chevron Baby Blanket looks quite intricate, but it’s easy to make. Just knits and purls all the way!

If you have mastered knit and purl stitches and maybe knit one or a couple of projects before you’re ready for this!

The pattern is available as a download from KnitPicks

Easy dinosaur baby blanket knitting pattern

Easy Dinosaur Baby Blanket

A baby blanket with dinosaurs, how cute is this? My boy would have loved this one for sure!

The dinosaurs are knit in reverse stockinette, so it’s nothing more than knits and purls to keep in mind in this one. Give it a try!

Get the pattern and yarn at LoveCrafts!

Isabella Bubble Blanket

The Isabella Bubble Blanket is a beautiful knitting pattern!

This one requires a little more knitting skills than the easiest in this post. But if you have a couple of projects up your sleeve and take your time to practice a bit on a swatch first I’m sure you can pull this one off!

Get the pattern and yarn from Lionbrand Yarn

Sugar rush baby blanket from Lionbrand Yarn

Sugar rush baby blanket

Sugar rush baby blanket is a bright and fun baby blanket!

It’s a garter stitch blanket (soft and cuddly!) made in a colorful self-striping yarn.

Click here to get the pattern and yarn from Lionbrand Yarn

Easy knit baby blanket collection 2

Easy Knit Baby Blanket Collection 2

This collection includes easy to knit lace patterns for three beautiful baby blankets!

You get the patterns for a blanket with cute hearts, one with rows of eyelets, and one with a lace chevron pattern. All are stunning!

You’ll find the pattern collection and the yarn to go with it at Annie’s!

Peek a boo baby blanket knitting pattern

Peek-A-Boo Blanket Knit Pattern

This blanket is knit in stockinette stitch with garter stitch edges and eyelet rows. This is a great beginner project once you have mastered knits and purls.

When knitting this pattern, you will need to learn how to make yarn overs and decreases as well.

It’s an easy knit, but a tad more challenging than just a plain garter or stockinette stitch blanket!

Get the pattern and yarn at Annie’s!

Ivy Blanket

The Ivy Blanket may be the hardest to knit of the blankets listed in this post, but it’s still on the easy side.

It’s not a first knitting project, but it’s easy enough to pull off once you get some experience!

The pattern and yarn are found at Annie’s!

Clary Baby Blanket

This pattern is cute and easy to customize to your own taste.

Just changing up the colors gives the blanket a whole new look! You can also use the easy-to-knit (just knits and purls) pattern panels in the order of your liking.

Get the pattern and yarn at LoveCrafts!

All In a Row Baby Blanket

An easy to memorize knit and purl pattern is one of my most relaxing knits along with garter stitch, and stockinette stitch in the round.

If you’re looking for a beginner baby blanket with an easy knit and purl stitch pattern, this one is your match.

This pattern is easy to knit, but a little more than knit stitches, and it looks cute too!

Get the pattern and yarn at LoveCrafts!

ABC Baby Blanket

ABC Baby Blanket

An easy to knit baby blanket with a pattern of squares with letters and symbols in them.

The structure pattern on this blanket is entirely created with knit and purl stitches. So if you know your knits and purls and maybe have done a couple of projects before, this one should be a breeze!

Get the pattern and yarn from Knitpicks!

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