Barbie Socks Knitting Pattern

How to knit a pair of Barbie socks

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Barbie Socks Knitting Pattern | Baby it's cold outside, Barbie needs some new socks for her cozy winter wardrobe! A free printable pdf knitting pattern from #Barbie #Socks #Knitting #DollClothes

Baby it’s cold outside, now is not the time for Barbie to wear pumps. Use this Barbie doll knitting pattern and make her a pair of warm and cosy socks instead!

I know I will have to use it to make her another pair, as my kids have lost one of Barbies socks already… And that’s the reason for the lack of a pair on the pictures. All I could find was this one lonely sock.

So we better get to it so I can curl up on the sofa and get knitting in a bit!

This pattern follows the same “recipe” as for my own socks

The Barbie socks knitting pattern is actually the same as my regular go-to recipe for knitting socks. It works the same for Barbie socks, kids socks, and adult socks, but there is a bit counting to convert between sizes.

In this pattern I have done the counting part for you!

Barbie Socks Knitting Pattern | Baby it's cold outside, Barbie needs some new socks for her cozy winter wardrobe! A free printable pdf knitting pattern from #Barbie #Socks #Knitting #DollClothes

What do you need to get started?

You will need a circular knitting needle in size US 0 / 2 mm with a cable long and soft enough to knit magic loop with. I use HiyaHiya sharps, you can find them on Amazon here (affiliate link)

Scraps of sock yarn or any fingering yarn that you want to use.

I used scraps of a fingering sock yarn called Socki Fine from Adlibris Create. This yarn isn’t available everywhere, so I have browsed Amazon and found an option if you’re out of fingering scraps!

Sock Ease from Lion Brand Yarn (affiliate link) is made of 75% wool and 25% nylon and can be washed in the machine.

But if you’re going to wash Barbie socks in the machine I think you better put them in a washing bag first!

You will also need scissors and a wool needle.

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Barbie socks knitting pattern

This sock is knitted from the leg down to the toe. 


– Needles size circular needle US 0 / 2mm, length of your choice.

– Yarn I used scraps of sock yarn, Adlibris Socki Fine it’s light fingering (425meters /100grams)

– Darning needle


  • k – knit
  • p – purl
  • SSK – slip, slip, knit. Slip one stitch as to knit, slip one more as to knit. Put them back on the left needle and knit them together.
  • p2tog – purl two stitches together


Cast on 12 stitches and distribute them evenly between your needles.

Join and knit 1k1p ribbing for 1inch / 2,5 cm. Knit one row and divide your stitches to knit the heel flap, six stitches on each needle.

Heel flap

The heel flap is worked over 6 stitches. 

Sl 1 purlwise and k5, turn.

Sl 1 purlwise and p5, turn.

Repeat these two rows two times more.

Turn Heel

Start from the right side

k3, SSK, turn.

p1, p2tog, turn.

k1, SSK, turn.

p1, p2tog, turn, you should now have two stitches left.

Pick up stitches for the foot

k2, (the stitches remaining after turning the heel)

Pick up and k4 (the sl stitches along the heel flap + one), k6 (the stitches on top of the foot) pick up and k4 (along the heel flap). 

There should be 16 stitches, adjust them so you have the 8 sole stitches on one needle and the 8 top of foot stitches on the other.


k one round. Decrease at each side of the foot where the top and sole meet lite this:

k4, k2tog, k4 (top of the foot), ssk, k4

k one round

k3, k2tog, k4 (top of the foot), ssk, k3 (12 stitches)

Foot and toe

Knit until the foot is 3/4 inch / 2cm then it’s time to decrease for the toe. 

Place the decreases at the sides of the foot.

Decrease round: ssk, k2, k2tog, ssk, k2, k2tog (8 stitches)

k one row

Decrease round ssk, k2tog, ssk, k2tog (4 stitches)

Cut the yarn and use your wool needle to pull the yarn through the remaining stitches, pull tight and weave in the end. Weave in the cast on-tail as well.

Want to print this pattern without the ads?

The Barbie socks knitting pattern is also available as a printable pdf, click here to open the pattern in a new tab!

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Barbie Socks Knitting Pattern | Knit a pair of warm wooly socks Barbies winter wardrobe! A free printable pdf knitting pattern from #Barbie #Socks #Knitting #DollClothes