Tags for knitted gifts – Wrap your knitted gifts with love!

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Tags for knitted gifts are the topic of today’s post!

I love to play around with graphic design almost as much as I love knitting and I always get extra excited when I’m able to combine these two!

(I actually did work with layout and design before I got into the world of craft blogging)

Wrap your knitted gifts with love! | A knitted gift is truly a gift from the heart. You put so much thought, care and valuable time into a handmade gift. Embellish your handmade gifts with pretty tags to add som extra love and care to the wrapping as well! #TagsForKnittedGifts #GiftWrapping #KnittedGifts #GiftTags #HandmadeGifts

Nothing says “I care about You” like a knitted gift

Think of all the love, thought, and not to mentions your valuable time on creating an awesome gift for someone you care about. It involves planing, gathering supplies and the actual knitting, and we all know how time-consuming this can be depending on your project.

It’s quite a project to find the right yarn, figure out the perfect colors, and so on for a knitted gift. And that’s the beauty of it. Nothing says “I care about you” like a handmade gift.

Embellish knitted gifts with pretty wrapping

Then think of a well thought-out wrapping with a nice paper, some ribbons, tags and maybe some other decorations to go with it. And then think of how you feel when someone has made the effort to give you a parcel like that. Isn’t that lovely?

The wrapping isn’t everything. But I think a cute, beautiful or fun wrapping really can add something extra to a gift!

Coloring tags for knitted gifts

Add some extra love when wrapping knitted gifts with these gift tags. I hope you like them!

I made the tags black and white. This way I can easily change the look of them by coloring them if I like to. (Read: Asking my kids to color to keep them busy for a few minutes…)

This makes them versatile too. Use reds and greens for Christmas. Pick colors to match your wrapping paper – or the gift you knitted inside. You decide. Of course, you can use them just as they are too!

  • You could use a scissor to cut these. Or, if you prefer, a paper cutter like this one. It’s faster and makes straight and clean cuts!
  • Punch a hole and use a string to attach the tag to your gift. I love the look of bakers twine, and it comes in a lot of pretty colors. This gold and white one is perfect for the Holidays!
  • You could also use the heart ones more like labels and glue them on or use some pretty washi-tape to add them to your wrapping.

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Don't Be Such a Square | Knitted with Love – tags for your knitted gifts! Free printable gift tags for handmade items #giftwrapping #knitting #tags
Click the image to open up a printable pdf!

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