Knit Fast – Die Warm

Knit Fast – Die Warm, I love this quote and I thought it would be perfect for a coloring page. In fact, I like it so much I made two 🙂

Double meanings

I love the fact that it’s a saying with double meanings. If you knit fast you die warm, but do you get soo warm because of all the amazing, wearable fiber art you have made? Like you create all these warm and cozy hats, shawls, cardigans, mittens, socks, pants and blankets and snuggle up and become a really warm old lady?

Or, does it mean knitting in blazing speed and fall down of pure exhaustion? I sure hope for the first one! I like the thought of knitting fast for a long time, getting nice wooly clothing to wear, and eventually die warm. By the age of 100 or so.

Put on some knitted faves and get coloring!

I which case, here are some soul-soothing coloring pages for you to print out for free – isn’t that amazing?! So all you have to do now is put on some nice knitted pieces, get out your favorite colors, pour some coffee into your cup and click the images down below to print these goodies out and get started 🙂

Click on the images to open the coloring pages as pdf-files in your browser! Then you can choose to download or save them on your device. Or of , print them out right away. 

Who doesn’t love freebies, I know I do =)

If you are into the sheep and wool thingies I think you really will like this coloring page too!

Click here to open the Keep Calm and Count Sheep coloring page as a pdf in your browser!

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