How to Knit: The Stockinette Stitch

How to knit the stockinette stitch Stockinette stitch is the most used knitting stitch pattern and one you need to master for many knitting projects. But most patterns won't have instructions for how to knit stockinette stitch or stocking stitc ...


Knitting Neat Edges

4 ways of knitting neat edges! Have you ever looked at a finished project and felt a bit disappointed because the edges didn't turn out as neat as you had wished for?Blankets, scarves and other projects with visible selvages look so much more ...


How to Knit Double Stockinette

Double Stockinette – a No Purl & No Curl Stockinette stitch pattern that look alike on both sides!
It creates a soft, squishy and elastic fabric with no wrong side! Learn more at #Knitting #DoubleStockinette #NoPurl #StitchPattern #KnittingHack


How to Count Rows in Knitting

Have you ever struggled with how to count your rows when knitting? Your pattern tells you to do something after knitted X rows and you don't know when you have because it's hard to remember if you should count your cast on and the stitches on your ...

Don't Be Such a Square | Click to learn knitting in reverse | Knitting in Reverse let's you knit stockinette stitch without purling | Knitting backwards saves you time otherwise wasted on turning your work | This knitting hack makes short rows and following charts easier!

Knitting backward

How to knit stockinette stitch without purling? There are a lot of different techniques to try in knitting. Some you’ll love, and, some you’ll, well, not love that much … For me, it is the purl stitch. I really don’t like to purl! My purl rows alw ...

Prevent stockinette edges from curling, is that possible? Yes it is! And this article will teach how to do it and what to do if it has already curled away.

Smooth stockinette stitch

Smooth stockinette – how to fix uneven knitting stitches Is your stockinette stitch turning out a bit uneven or bumpy? Don’t worry, it happens to us all. And it’s not just a newbie thing! It’s frustrating when you spent a lot of time working ...

Prevent knits from curling

Prevent curling edges in stockinette

How to prevent curling edges in stockinette stitch Have you ever wondered how to prevent curling edges for your knitted items? Then this post is for you! Curling lays in the nature of the stockinette stitch, it just the way it is. But, of co ...