How to Count Rows in Knitting

How to Count Rows in Knitting | Count rows in garter and stockinette stitch #garter #stockinette #knitting #CountRows

Have you ever struggled with how to count your rows when knitting? Your pattern tells you to do something after knitted X rows and you don’t know when you have because it’s hard to remember if you should count your cast on and the stitches on your needle.

Don’t worry, it’s a piece of cake! Let’s do this together, shall we?

How to Count Rows in Knitting | Learn how to count your stitches like a pro at #Knitting #CountingRows #GarterStitch #StockinetteStitch

How do you count rows when knitting Stockinette Stitch?

The stockinette stitch is knitted with alternating knit and purl rows. It’s smooth and beautiful and the most commonly used stitch.

If you take a close look at the right side of your knitting you will see that it’s made up of little v-shaped stitches.

Each row is a long row of V:s next to each other, and the rows are stacked upon one another.

To count rows on a piece of stockinette you count all the “V:s” in a column. The stitch on your needle is counted as a row as well.

How to Count Rows in Stockinette Stitch

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How do you count rows when knitting garter stitch?

The garter stitch is the easiest and most basic of all the knitting stitches.

When knitting garter stitch flat every row is a knit row, heaven!

Count your ridges

Garter stitch creates ridges of purl bumps on both sides of the fabric. And it’s these ridges we’re going to count!

Every garter ridge equals two rows of knitting. So to count the rows, you count the ridges on one side of your work and multiply that with two.

You could also count the ridges on both sides, but I think it’s easier to just multiply 🙂

How do I count the row on my needle?

Do you have a finished ridge right under your needle? Then count the stitches on your needle as 1 row (a half ridge).

If you have a half ridge under your needle, you count that and the row on the needle as two rows (one ridge).

Should I count the cast on as a row?

No, you don’t count you cast on as a row unless your pattern tells you to.

How to count rows in garter stitch

A little tip for keeping track of your rows!

When knitting a project with many rows the counting part gets a lot easier if you use stitch markers to mark out a certain number of rows. Whatever number that works for you and your project.

Use a marker that can unlock, so it won’t get stuck in your knitting! Place it where you want to start counting and knit away! Then when you have knitted your chosen number of rows, let’s say ten, you place a new marker. This makes it super easy to keeping track of your row count.

Counting rows are quite simple to do, but it can be a bit confusing. I hope this post has provided you with some clarity! And use stitch markers, always and forever, they’re super handy. And cute!

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How to Count Rows in Garter stitch and Stockinette | Learn how to count rows in Knitting at #Knitting #CountingRows #GarterStitch #StockinetteStitch
How to Count Rows in Knitting | Learn how to count your rows in garter and stockinette stitch at #Knitting #CountingRows #GarterStitch #StockinetteStitch