Knitting Supplies for Beginners

Best Knitting Supplies for Beginners – What do you really need? As an Amazon Associate and member of LoveCrafts affiliate program, I earn commissions from qualifying purchases at no additional cost to you. There are plenty of nifty and pretty knitting supplies available. But do you need all these sometimes quite pricey gadgets when you’re … Read more Knitting Supplies for Beginners

How to Knit the Garter Stitch

All about the garter stitch! Garter stitch is the easiest of the knitting stitches. But it’s also one of the most squishy and cuddly ones! It turns out a little thicker than other stitches which makes it perfect for scarves, shawls, blankets, autumn cardigans, and other cozy things used during the cooler seasons. And, it’s … Read more How to Knit the Garter Stitch

How to pick yarn for my knitting project?

Don't Be Such a Square | How to pick a yarn for my project? A guide to help beginner knitters learn what to consider when choosing a yarn for their projects.

How to pick yarn for my knitting project? There are a lot of yarn fibers, I mean it’s a jungle out there, so how are you supposed to know what kind of fiber or fiber blends to pick for your project?  Well, that really is the million dollar question. But, keep calm, I’m going to do … Read more How to pick yarn for my knitting project?

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