Knitting Hacks

Removing Purl Dash Lines

Purl dash lines can drive a knitter crazy! This post is dedicated to removing them. Or rather make sure they are kept on the wrong side of your work where you won’t have to see them 🙂 These little buggers can make or break a project when mixing colorwork with textured patterns. Let’s see what

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Neat Join in the Round

How to make a neat join in the round A jog often appears when the cast on stitches is joined for knitting in the round. If the cast on edge is visible that jog can be a bit irritating. Let’s take a look at how we can make a neater join in the round, one

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Russian Join

How to make a secure and slick join Russian join is a technique for joining two strands of yarn before knitting them instead of weaving in the ends afterward. And the best thing is that’s it’s secure and almost invisible! I know many knitters and crocheters dislike to weave in the ends after knitting a

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