Technique: how to knit into the rows below

Learn how to use the Knit Below technique with slow and clear video and written instructions.

This knitting technique appears in written knitting patterns in abbreviations like K1B. K1B stands for knit one below, meaning “knit one in the row below”.

It’s also common to knit in two, three, or even four rows below. The abbreviations for that are K2B, K3B, and K4B.

How to knit into a row below

There are two ways to do this. I describe the safe way here and the other faster but more adventurous way as an extra tip in the video below!

The safe way:

  • Insert the right needle tip into the stitch that you are going to knit.
  • Let the stitch slip off the left needle tip and let the stitches unravel to the one you have secured on your right needle.
  • It’s important that all the yarn loops from the unraveled stitches are captured in the knit stitch. To catch them they need to lay over your right needle tip.
  • Insert your left needle tip into the stitch and under the loops as well, wrap the yarn and knit the stitch.

To learn a faster but less secure way to do this, watch the video to the end!

Knitting video: Knit into the rows below

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When do you need to knit below?

This technique is used a lot in brioche knitting. Then it’s the K1B that’s used.

The knit below technique is also used for textured 3D stitches like bubble stitches. But then we need to knit more than one row below to achieve the wanted effect.

For example, the textured knitting stitch pattern in the picture above uses K3B.

I don’t know what this pattern is called, so I just call it a Squishy textured knitting stitch pattern.

Do you know the real name? Drop me an email! You find the address at the right if you’re on desktop and at the bottom of the page on mobile. I would be forever grateful 🙂

The pattern is super easy to knit, with just three rows of stockinette and then one pattern row. Give it a try, it’s super fun the see the pattern appear!

Learn the Squishy textured knitting stitch pattern

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