Interchangeable vs. fixed circular needles

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Interchangeable vs. fixed circular knitting needles – which is right for you?

So, you have been knitting for a while, and now you are ready to level up your stash of knitting tools. The question is: Interchangeable knitting needles or fixed circular needles? Which are the best for you?

There are a few things that differ the interchangeable needles from the fixed:

  • User experience
  • Storage
  • Price
A comparison: Interchangeable vs. fixed knitting needles – which is right for you? There's some differences to take into consideration when deciding on knitting needles!

The difference in user experience

I love interchangeable knitting needles! When I use my set of interchangeable needles, everything flows easily.

It’s nice to have everything you need in one set, the point is that you can combine everything together as you wish. You have all sizes and lengths on hand at all times, if they’re not caught in another project 🙂

If you want to try on a top-down sweater it’s easy to combine two cables to a super long one that holds all the stitches, even when if you have to stretch the work in order to try it on.

Or, when knitting socks, start the project on with a cable of your choice. A long cable for magic-loop or a short that fit within the stitches, it’s a matter of preference. Add tips suitable for the ribbing, later you easily detach the tips and switch up to a larger size with the stitches still on the cable! Super easy!

You can do anything!

These sets are so versatile, you can even make straight needles with them! Build a flexible pair by using two cables with tips at one end and stoppers at the other. Or, add tubes to your set and build a proper pair of straight needles. But you would only need one pair of tubes to knit with all sizes that you have tips in. Isn’t that great!

Interchangeable knitting needles vs. fixed circulars: Storage

Seriously, how do you manage to organize all the different sizes and lengths of fixed circular needles? Storing fixed circulars is a nightmare!

When you have been knitting for a while you may realize that you like working with circulars (many of us do!).

You may also realize that you need a lot of different sizes and lengths and that all those needles quickly build up to a chaos that’s hard to manage. I mean, circulars are hard to store and it doesn’t get any easier when your stash is growing…

But it doesn’t have to be this way…

Interchangeable knitting needles come in sets with everything you need already included, and neatly organized in a case for you, isn’t that lovely?!

For example, I have a set from HiyaHiya that I have been using a lot since I got it in 2014. With this set, I got tips in seven sizes and cables in four lengths in a cute and practical case. These tips and cables were enough for all of my knits for several years, but now I have complemented with some extras to make my set even more versatile.

If you want to get the same set I use and love, it’s available on Amazon.

Price – are interchangeable knitting needles worth the money?

It’s also a matter of money, and even thou you can find cheap circulars, it will be pricey when you need to buy a lot of them. And you will buy a lot. Heck, you will even buy duplicates by mistake because you don’t remember what you’ve already got at home, and better safe and sorry, right?

My set of interchangeables wasn’t cheap, but when you think of what you get for the money it certainly wasn’t expensive either!

I have used this set for everything I’ve knitted since 2014, and I can ensure you that I got a good bang for the buck with this set. It’s high quality, has everything you need to get started, and a good bit on the way, and nothing has broken or been worn over this period of time. That’s amazing!

The same set I use is still available on Amazon, HiyaHiya sharp interchangeable, check the price today!

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