How to Purl Backwards

How to do the purl stitch backward?

Hi fellow knitter! Are you up for learning a new knitting hack?

I learned to both knit and purl backwards a while ago, and I think this is a really fun and useful technique to have up the sleeve!

Why should you learn to purl backwards?

  • Because this technique makes it easier to follow a chart for a stitch pattern. 
  • It allows you to always work from the right side of your knitting. 
  • And, it’s healthy for your brain to get a little challenge once in a while!
How To Purl Backwards – Learn this useful Knitting Hack from 
#Knitting #PurlBackwards #KnittingBackwards
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Does this sound intriguing? Don’t miss to check out my tutorial on how to do the knit stitch backwards!

When you are knitting a stitch pattern after a chart you will have to purl the knits and knit the purls on the rows that you work from the wrong side, which can be a bit confusing.

But, when you can work your stitches backwards you will never have to work from the wrong side. This means you can actually follow your chart exactly as it’s drawn on every row.

You will be knitting where the chart has a mark for a knit stitch and purling where it tells you to do so. On every row.

Luckily, working the purl stitch backward isn’t any harder than the knit one. Actually, I think it’s easier, it feels more natural for me. 

How to purl backwards

Begin by placing your yarn in front of your work.

How To Purl Backwards – Learn this useful Knitting Hack from 
#Knitting #PurlBackwards #KnittingBackwards

Insert your needle to the back leg of the stitch from behind so that your left needle comes up in front of your right one.

How To Purl Backwards – Learn this useful Knitting Hack from 
#Knitting #PurlBackward #KnittingBackward

Wrap your yarn from the below and between your needles and pull the yarn through the stitch, let the stitch slip of the right needle.

I think it’s easier to wrap the yarn if I pivot the left needle instead of actually wrap the yarn. This shows better in the video you find further down!

How To Purl Backwards – Learn this useful Knitting Hack from 
#Knitting #PurlBackwards #KnittingBackwards

Good job! You have just made your first backward purl stitch! And if you have already checked out my tutorial on how to knit backwards there’s actually no need to turn your work over anymore.

If you like to, you could just look at the right side of your knitting for eternity. Or at least until the time for weaving in those ends comes …


If you think it’s easier to learn by watching, here’s a video demonstrating the technique as well.

In the video, I show how to knit a 3 + 3 ribbing without turning my work over after the row is done. Instead i knit 3 backward and purl 3 backward, from left to right.

In this video you can also see how I pivot the needle to make it easier to wrap/pick the yarn.

Now, take a break …

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Until next time!

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How To Purl Backwards – Learn this useful Knitting Hack from 
#Knitting #PurlBackwards #KnittingBackwards