Ready to make blanket knitting kits

I did a post some time ago featuring the most adorable knitting kits for baby blankets.

That post is incredibly popular, so I decided to put together a post with even more blanket knitting kits. But, this time with a focus on gorgeous blankets in adult sizes!

You’ll find beginner friendly kits as well as advanced level ones, and a bunch that’s a bit challenging but still easy to pull off.

Most of these kits are available in several colors. For example, all the Lion Brand Yarn kits are fully customizable!

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Diamonds are for Cuddling

Diamonds are for Cuddling, I love the name of this blanket! And the look of it, the diamond pattern is gorgeous!

It’s something the diamond pattern combined with the fringe adds a timeless romantic feel to this blanket.

This knitting kit is suitable for intermediate knitters.

Get the Diamonds are for Cuddling knitting kit from Annie’s here >>

Beginner knitting kit: Hannah’s Blanket

Hannah’s Blanket is the easiest form of a knit blanket. This blanket is knit in garter stitch, only knit stitches back and forth.

The beauty lies in the squishy texture and the soft colors. This is the perfect beginner knitting kit!

Buy Hannah’s Blanket knitting kit from Amazon >>

Pastel dream: Rainbow Flow Throw

The Rainbow Flow Throw is a pastel dream come true.

The stitch pattern in this throw is really simple. But, the combination of neutral cotton yarn and a colorful mandala yarn makes all the difference!

Get your Rainbow Flow Throw from Lion Brand Yarn >>

Easy but pretty texture: Harvest Throw

As fall and winter approach a warm Throw is exactly what you need to keep warm in the evening.

The Harvest Throw knitting kit is the perfect fall knit. It has a beautiful but easy-to-knit texture and fringes that add that little extra!

The soft and warm colorway is named arrowwood, but you can choose a color of your liking!

Buy the Harvest Throw knitting kit from Lion Brand Yarn >>

Color burst: Hue Shift Afghan

This amazing afghan includes 11 different colors! So if you like color, this is the knitting kit for you!

Hue Shift Afghan is knit in four pieces that are seamed together. All parts are knitted from a corner and mitered garter stitch squares are added by picking up stitches along the sides.

Buy the Hue Shift Afghan knitting kit from KnitPicks >>

This kit is also sold on Amazon >>

Snuggly Lattice Throw

Snuggly Lattice Throw is a beautiful throw that make a good job both as home decor and by keeping you warm. And it’s fun to make!

This cream tone goes well with everything, but of course, you can pick another color when ordering the kit.

Buy your Snuggly Lattice Throw knititng kit from Lion Brand Yarn >>

Advanced level: Flowering Mandala Afghan

Flowering Mandala Afghan knitting kit is something extra!

A beautiful afghan knit in fair isle squares that are then sewn together.

This is not the easiest nor the fastest project you will make. But one you’ll keep and cherish for a long time to come!

Buy the Flowering Mandala Afghan knitting kit from Mary Maxim >>

My Favorite Throw

It’s easy to understand why the designer behind this beauty named it “My Favorite Throw”.

It’s a modern take on a squared blanket, mostly knit in garter stitch, but with nice details that make all the difference.

The kit is customizable, which colors will you pick?

Enjoy the colors and buy My Favorite Throw from Lion Brand Yarn >>

Only knit stitches: Beginner Blanket knitting kit

The Beginner Blanket knititng kit is the easiest blanket you could knit.

Only knit stitches in beautiful variegated yarns make a beautiful project, easy enough for anyone to pull off!

Order the Beginner Blanket knitting kit from KnitPicks >>

Intermediate level: Little Buds Afghan kit

Little Buds Afghan knitting kit is knit with a beautiful lattice stitch pattern. It looks advanced but is easier than it looks!

The lattice stitch and the natural white color give this afghan an elegant, classical look.

But there are a lot of beautiful colors to choose from when buying this kit. Both neutrals and bold ones!

Get the kit in your favorite color at Annie’s >>

Knit on the bias: Harlan Knit Blanket

The Harlan Knit Blanket is knit in four pieces and then seamed.

The pieces are knit on the bias in garter stitch, this is super easy to do. It also means you don’t have to manage all the stitches at the same time, which your wrist will thank you for 🙂

Get the Harlan Knit Blanket from Lion Brand Yarn >>

Moon Stone Plaid Blanket Knit Kit

The Moon Stone Plaid Blanket knit kit is one of these blankets that looks so complicated but isn’t.

Even a new knitter can pull this project off as it’s super easy! First, knit a striped blanket and then weave in threads afterward to create the plaid pattern.

Get the Moon Stone Plaid Blanket knit kit from Lion Brand Yarn >>

Bold texture: Easy Knit Blanket

Easy Knit Blanket is not only an easy knitting project. Thick yarn and big needles also make it fast to knit.

The bold stitch pattern makes the blanket stand out, but is easy to knit!

Get the Easy Knit Blanket Knitting Kit from Mary Maxim >>

Fall Cuddler Throw

“Wrap yourself up in a warm, fall cuddle”, says the sales text on Lion Brand Yarn’s website about this throw.

Who can resist words like that?!
Fall Cuddler Throw has a variety of easy textured stitches and eyelets that are easy to make but adds interest

Order your Fall Cuddler Throw knitting kit from Lion Brand Yarn >>

Bubble Trouble Throw Blanket

Bubble Trouble Throw Blanket is a thick and sculptural knit.

I love how the designer has combined the bubble stitch pattern with this chunky yarn. The effect is stunning!

Buy your Bubble Trouble Throw Blanket knitting kit from Lion Brand Yarn >>

The Quiet Time Blanket knitting kit

A small blanket designed to be easy and soothing to knit.

The Quiet Time Blanket knitting kit includes step-by-step instructions for how to knit and assemble the blanket, as well as yarn, knitting needles, and a wool needle.

Get the Quiet Time Blanket knitting kit from LoveCrafts >>

Winter Bees Throw knitting kit

With the Winter Bees Throw knitting kit, you make a thick, warm, and beautiful throw.

The stitch patterns used for knitting this blanket are honeycomb and cable patterns.

Get the Winter Bees Throw knitting kit from Lion Brand Yarn >>

Easy to knit: Quick & Cozy Blanket

The Quick and Cozy Blanket knitting kit is just that. A quick knit, that results in a warm and snuggly blanket.

This blanket is knit on the diagonal in garter stitch, stockinette stitch, and a few rows of eyelets for decoration.

Order the Quick & Cozy Blanket kit in your favorite color from Mary Maxim >>

Cotton Plaid Throw knitting kit

Plaid throws with tassels is a classic that has been super popular over the last few years!

The Cotton Plaid Throw is knit with two strands of yarn held together. The different squares are created with intarsia knitting while alternating the colors.

This color combo is lovely for fall, but there are more yummy colors to choose from if you decide to knit the Cotton Plaid Throw.

Pick your color and get the Cotton Plaid Throw kit at KnitPicks >>

Perfect fall decor: Harvest Blocks Blanket

This is the perfect blanket for your fall-themed home decor!

The warm colors combined with the structure of the knit fabric add a snug and homey feeling.

The blanket is knit in panels that are sewn together and have a knit border around the edge.

Get the Harvest Blocks Blanket kit from Mary Maxim today >>

Thread the Love blanket kit

Thread the Love is a big blanket designed by swimmer Tom Daley that took the knitting community by storm when knitting during the Olympics.

While this explosion of color may not be for everyone, I think it’s amazing. The colors just make me happy 🙂

Buy Thread the Love Blanket knitting kit from LoveCrafts >>

Ripples Galore Afghan Knitting Kit

Ripples Galore Afghan is bursting with color and structure, it’s fun and bright and I love it!

This kit can be bought in a variety of color combinations.

When ordering this blanket kit, instructions for both knitting and crochet is included alongside loads of yarn.

All you have to do is decide whether to knit or crochet this gem and get working.

By the Ripples Galore Afghan kit at Mary Maxim >>

That’s all for this time…

Pew! That was a lot of blankets, throws, and afghans. I have to admit I added more knitting kits to this post than I had planned for, but they are all so gorgeous, soft, cuddly, warm, and fun to knit…

If you’re not satisfied yet, take a look at the post below for more blanket loveliness!

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