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Latvian Braid Bind Off

How to: Bind off with a Latvian braid Latvian braid bind off is the last post about these pretty braids, at least until I get a new idea on the subject 🙂 This pretty bind off creates a braid on the right side and from above it looks like a chain of stitches. If you’re

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Three-needle bind-off

How to knit the three-needle bind-off I really like the three-needle bind off! It’s a technique for joining two pieces at the same time as you bind off all the stitches. What a timesaver! The seam created is secure and doesn’t add any unnecessary bulk, and it also looks very tidy! To try this technique

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How to Bind Off Knitting

To bind off knitting means to close all the live stitches, the ones sitting on the needle, so the knitting won’t unravel when taken off the needles. There are several ways to bind off a knitting project. The characteristics of the project determine which method is more suitable. For example, if your fabric is stretchy

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