Download your free knitting project sheets

I love making plans! I bet I’m not alone so I have made these free knitting project sheets for us!

Yes, I really do love planning, and of course, planning my knitting in particular!

It’s so much fun diving into all the details that are going to work together to form a garment. All the possibilities are still open to choose from, colors, shapes, stitch patterns and, yarns!

I like to write my planning down, so I can remember what I have decided on, and keep notes while knitting on things as decreases/increases, how many rows of ribbing and such things. But, I’m a messy planner. (A messy planner, how is that even possible? I have no clue, but I am …)

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My messy creative process

I often begin with a drawing on a bit of paper, usually, I just grab one from my kids drawing pads, and then I may make some notes on that paper. I set it aside, start researching yarns and maybe making some notes in my phone of different colors, fibers or ideas.

When I get the yarn I start making swatches. And of course, taking notes of my gauge of different needles and stitching patterns, these notes often happens to be done on my laptop as I like the combination of Netflix and knitting … And so it goes. Some notes here, some notes there, and then a drawing or two lost in a pile of papers going to the recycling. This isn’t a very effective designing and working process.

The solution: printable knitting project sheets

I really need a way to keep all this inspiration and information gathered in one place.

Therefore I have created some knitting project sheets that I can simply print from my home printer, fill in along my process of designing and knitting, and, the best part: Put in a binder with all my other knitting stuff so I know where to find it when I need it! Brilliant isn’t it ..!

Freebies, yay!

And, of course, I have made pdf-files for my fellow knitters to download and print as many times as needed too.

I figure I’m not the only person in the world having trouble keeping my knitting notes in order 🙂

The sheets are made to print on an A4 paper, as that’s the standard size for binders where I live!

Click on the picture to open up the pdf in a new window. Then you could choose if you want to print it right away or download it to our device.

My knitting project

This template helps you keep track of every single bit of your project. From the first sketch, to the notes you need at the middle and through to the ratings of the project at the end.

Well, the star ratings are most for fun, but it can be helpful to look back through ones projects to see which yarn you enjoyed the most, which pattern designers and, so on! It’s a help for you to remember how much (or little!) you enjoyed every single project.

* * *

Click on the picture to open up the pdf in a new window. Then you could choose if you want to print it right away or download it to our device.

My knitting projects

This sheet help you keep track of ALL of your queued, wip:s (started) and finished projects as well as the ones you decided to frog/cancel.

It’s a list that clouds you to note every projects name, the yarn used, the needles used, start/finishing dates and the projects status.

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