20+ Lovely Christmas craft kits for adults

I love craft kits of all kinds, but crafting for Christmas is always extra fun. And so was putting together this list of Christmas craft kits for adults!

The post is organized by type of craft to make it easier to navigate. Feel free to use the table of contents to skip right to your favorites!

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  1. Diamond Painting Kits
    1. Christmas Truck Picture
    2. Make a set of 8 matching coasters!
    3. Christmas wreath
  2. Plastic canvas kits
    1. Gingerbread Treat Baskets
    2. Christmas tissue box cover
    3. Santa ornaments
  3. Beaded Christmas crafts
    1. Ice Crystal Ornaments
    2. Christmas tree ornaments
    3. Icicle Angel ornaments
    4. Baby Sunburst Angel ornaments
  4. Christmas embroidery kits
    1. Christmas cards
    2. Christmas stocking
    3. 30 little Christmas cross-stitch ornaments!
  5. Cutest Christmas crochet kits
    1. Mini holiday sweaters to crochet
    2. Cute gnomes for your tree!
    3. Snowman kitchen towels
  6. Christmas felt crafts to try
    1. Cookies and Candy Wreath
    2. Nordic Tree Advent Calendar
    3. Make a Merry Christmas felt cloth/tree skirt
    4. Proud cat mum? Make the Frisky Kittens ornaments
  7. Christmas miniature building kits
    1. Build a cozy Christmas scene!
    2. DIY a miniature Christmas dollhouse
  8. Christmas paper craft kits
    1. Advent Calendar Train
    2. Christmas cards and envelopes to color!
  9. Miscellaneous Christmas craft kits
    1. Wooden Christmas Countdown
    2. Quilted Christmas ornament kit
    3. Wooden Snowflake Trees
    4. Felted Winter Birds

Diamond Painting Kits

Diamond painting is the perfect child of diamond painting and cross stitch. You add sparkling acrylic rhinestones to a fully colored canvas to create a mosaic diamond artwork that sparkles, shimmers, and shines. It looks stunning and is strangely addictive to make! Fun and relaxing at the same time.

Christmas truck diamond art painting kit

A red Christmas truck driving through the snow carrying a load of Christmas gifts, do you feel the Christmas spirit awaken? I do, and I want to start this project immediately!

The kit includes a high-quality self-adhesive canvas with a printed design chart, tweezers, a pen to add the gems, a dry glue pad, two craft trays, and reusable zip lock bags with pre-sorted acrylic diamonds. The finished size is 20 x 16 inches.

Make your own Christmas Truck with a kit from Mary Maxim >>

Make a set of 8 matching coasters!

Decorations that also have practical use are great! And these cute Christmas cups are both super cute, very practical, and fun to make!

The kit includes 8 coasters with cork backing to save your table, 1 coaster holder, all the colorful diamonds needed, clay glue, 1 diamond painting tool, and 1 tray to keep the diamonds while working.

Order the Christmas diamond painting coaster kit from Amazon >>

Diamond painting Christmas wreath

This wreath combines three bright things in one craft kit: Bright Christmas colors, diamond painting, and LED lights!

The kit includes The wreath, the rhinestones needed, 1 diamond painting tool, LED lights, and a chain for hanging the wreath.

Buy this Christmas craft kit at Amazon >>

Plastic canvas kits

Plastic canvas craft kits take some time to make but turn out beautiful and last for a long time. These are perfect crafting kits for adults.

Gingerbread treat baskets

Fill these little baskets with treats and give them to your friends or use them on the table for Christmas.

The set includes materials for making six of these adorable baskets. Plastic canvas mesh, acrylic yarn, and the pattern.

Get your Gingerbread Basket kit from Mary Maxim >>

Plastic canvas Christmas tissue box cover

This Christmas craft kit features a smiling snowman, snowflakes, and the lettering “Let it Snow”!

Kit includes 7 mesh plastic canvas, acrylic yarn, and a pattern. The finished piece fits a boutique-size box.

Make this cheery tissue box covered with a kit from Mary Maxim! >>

Santa ornaments with plastic canvas

Make a set of 12 Santas to hang on your tree, or give away for Christmas!

Buy the kit to make hanging Santa ornaments from Mary Maxim >

Beaded Christmas crafts

Beading is such a relaxing and fun activity that you can come back to time and time again. You can make it the difficult level that suits you and the easier projects are good to make with kids if you want to!

Christmas craft kit: Ornament kit “Winter ice”

With this crafting kit, you can make a set of six of these stunning ice crystal ornaments.

The ice crystals are beaded and the kit includes all materials needed + instructions.

Buy the Beaded Winter Ice kit from Amazon >>

Beaded Christmas trees

Let’s make some Christmas trees with pipe cleaners and beads! This sure works as a kid’s craft, but it’s nice and stress-free to make an easy craft like this for adults too.

This kit holds 360 beads to make 30 Christmas trees!

Order the beaded Christmas tree kit from Amazon >>

Icicle Angel beading kit

Add some sparkle to your tree this season with these beaded Icicle Angels. The kit includes materials to make 24 of them.

Buy the Icicle Angel kit from Mary Maxim >>

Baby sunburst angels ornaments kit

These beaded white baby sunburst angel ornaments are adorable!

The kit includes all materials needed for making 12 baby angels.

Buy the beaded angels Christmas craft kit from Mary Maxim here >>

Christmas embroidery kits

Here are some Christmas-themed embroidery kits to get you into the Christmas feel! Embroidery is a calming and slow process, perfect for winding down when the Holiday stress is getting too much.

Choose from super easy Christmas cards, a large beautiful canvas, or something in between!

Christmas card cross stitch embroidery kit

Have fun embroidering the three Christmas card designs in this kit and send them off to dear friends and family. Or keep them to decorate your home for Christmas. They will be appreciated either way!

Order the Christmas card embroidery kit from Amazon >>

Embroidered Christmas stocking

This kit will keep you busy for hours, in return an item like this can last for a lifetime of Holidays!

The kit contains instructions, a needle, 12 mesh printed canvas, and Anchor tapestry wool yarn. Backing fabric and finishing materials are not included.

Buy the kit to embroider the Stocking from LoveCrafts >>

30 little Christmas cross-stitch ornaments!

These small cross-stitch ornaments are fairly fast to whip up and I think they would make adorable embellishments for Christmas gifts!

The kit includes everything you need to make 30 ornaments.

Get the Christmas cross-stitch ornaments kit from Mary Maxim >>

Cutest Christmas crochet kits

Crochet is a favorite craft for many of us, that’s no secret! Of course, I had to include some cute Christmas crochet kits in this list.

Mini Holiday Sweaters to crochet

Mini sweaters are quick to whip up and fun to embellish!

This kit includes materials to make six mini sweaters and string to turn them into a little garland.

Buy the kit to make these sweaters at Mary Maxim >>

Crochet some cute gnomes for your tree!

Crochet these cute little gnomes to hang from your tree this season!

Kit includes yarn and pattern to make nine gnomes. You will also need a crochet hook and fiber fill.

Get this kit from Mary Maxim >>

Crochet snowman towels for your kitchen!

This kit contains yarn and pattern to crochet two of these fun Snowman towels to hang from your oven handle.

Get the Snowman towel kit from Mary Maxim >>

Christmas felt crafts to try

Felt is a lovely material to work with, soft, easy to cut, can be sewn or glued, and doesn’t fringe. Just think of the possibilities!

Cookies and Candy Wreath

Look at this thing… this wreath may be the cutest wreath I have ever seen! It’s just so pretty!

The kit holds all the materials needed to make a 15-inch wreath including stamped felts, cotton floss, color separated sequins and beads, needles, and trilingual instructions.

The Cookies and Candy Wreath kit is available from A Cherry on Top >>

Nordic Tree Advent Calendar DIY kit

Use this kit to make a wonderful advent calendar in the shape of a Christmas tree filled with beautiful embellishments!

The kit includes stamped felts, cotton floss, color separated sequins and beads, two needles, and trilingual instructions.

Buy your Nordic Tree Advent Calendar kit from a Cherry on top >>

Make a Merry Christmas felt cloth/tree skirt

This kit is called Merry Christmas felt tree skirt, but it looks good on that countertop, don’t you think?

Kit includes felt, sequins, beads, embroidery cotton, needles, and instructions.

Get the Merry Christmas felt tree skirt kit from Mary Maxim >>

frisky kitten Felt ornaments!

The Frisky Kittens are a bunch of lovely little housecats playing around with all the Christmas things!

The kit includes felt, sequins, beads, floss, needle, and instructions to make all six kittens. Polyfill is not included.

Get the Frisky Kitten Ornaments kit from Mary Maxim >>

Christmas miniature building kits

These kits are fantastic! Build you’re own Christmas miniature house or scene with detailed interiors and tiny Christmas decorations. They even have lightning. I’m stunned…

Build a cozy Christmas scene!

Look at all these details! This kit holds everything you need to build this warm and cozy Christmas room, it even comes with LED lights. I bet this scene will look super cute at dark nights!

Get the Christmas room kit from Amazon >>

DIY a miniature Christmas dollhouse

This miniature house is stunning! The kit includes all parts to make the house, the furniture, and decorations as well as a music box and dust cover. It will take some time to assemble, but I’m sure you will enjoy every minute!

Buy the miniature Christmas dollhouse kit from Amazon >>

Christmas paper craft kits

Advent Calendar Train

Make this cute Advent calendar train for a kid in your life, or yourself!

Making paper crafts like this can be super complicated. That’s why we need kits. With a kit like this where everything is already measured and printed out on forehand, it’s a lot easier. Don’t you love when someone has already thought for you?!

Order the Advent calendar train kit from A Cherry on Top >>

Christmas cards and envelopes to color!

A picture of a kit of 30 Christmas kits with matching envelopes to color in

Coloring is a relaxing activity to do on your own but also fun to do with kids or grandkids! This kit includes 30 Christmas cards to color, 30 envelopes with pretty borders to paint, and 5 pop-out Christmas ornaments.

Order this kit from Amazon and get started coloring >>

Miscellaneous Christmas craft kits for adults

I know I said to categorize everything, but unfortunately, I ran into some trouble… some things are just too good to leave out just because you can’t put them in a category, right?!

Christmas Countdown DIY Kit

The Christmas Countdown Farmhouse Kit is an easy DIY kit that will last for many years ahead!

The kit includes wood board with magnets, ribbons, craft stick, hooks, berry vine, paint, and paintbrush + a full-color step-by-step instruction.

Buy your Christmas Countdown kit from Annie’s >>

Quilted Christmas ornament kit

image showing a quilt christmas ornament kit. with a cute puppy wearing a santa hat framed with red and green fabric folds.

I had never seen this type of ornament before when I stumbled upon this gorgeous kit. It looks like a hand-sewn quilt, but apparently, it’s made by folding the fabric and pinning it down. Amazing!

Visit MaryMaxims webshop to see the variations available >>

wooden Snowflake tree Diy kit

These lovely Christmas trees are made of wooden snowflakes that you first paint and then assemble.

The kit includes wooden snowflakes, round and star-shaped wooden beads, wood slices, paints, paintbrush, cosmetic sponges, jingle bells, skewers, dowels, and glitter + a full color step-by-step instruction.

Make some lovely Snowflake trees, the kit is sold at Annie’s >>

Felted Birds craft kit

These cute birds will decorate your home not only for Christmas but for the whole winter! The kit includes materials, instructions, and photos.

Get your kit at Annie’s >>

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