Soften the Cable on Circular Needles

How to soften the Cable on Circular Needles? Knitting with stiff cables aren’t any fun, and with twisted ones… well, don’t get me started at that! There are a few hacks you can use to soften the cable on your circular knitting needles. The one thing all these methods have in common is heat. The … Read more Soften the Cable on Circular Needles

Knitting Project Bags Buyers Guide

Knitting project bags for all tastes As an Amazon Associate and member of LoveCrafts affiliate program, I earn commissions from qualifying purchases at no additional cost to you. Most knitters will agree to the necessity of a good knitting project bag! These bags should be able to hold your WIP (work in progress) and, of … Read more Knitting Project Bags Buyers Guide

Tips for Knitting Stranded Colorwork

A few tips and tricks to help you succeed with stranded colorwork Knitting stranded colorwork isn’t always as easy as one could wish for. But, it doesn’t have to be that hard either. I hope these tips can help you on your way! Color domination – how to decide which color should pop the most! … Read more Tips for Knitting Stranded Colorwork

Knitting with Slipped Stitches

What’s the difference between slipped, lifted and passed stitches? Do you know the difference between lifted, passed and slipped stitches? These knitting words did certainly cause me some issues in my early knitting days. The language of knitting has many different expressions and words and it can be hard to keep up with the lingo … Read more Knitting with Slipped Stitches

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